Sunday, May 01, 2011

Obama Is Losing Support Among Blacks

It's just not the "racist and right wing" FOX News saying this. BET is saying it because it's evidently true:

When Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election, he got 43 percent of the white vote and a staggering 96 percent of the Black vote. In the ensuing years, his support amongst Americans in general has wavered—he’s currently at 45 percent approval, 45 percent disapproval—but his African-American support has been consistently high. Today, that appears to not be the case.

Just to be clear and up front: Obama is no way in danger of losing the support of the vast majority of Blacks. As of today, 85 percent of African-Americans still say they support the president. That is a lot; that is most.

That being said, however, 85 percent—a seven percent drop in the past month—is the lowest Obama’s Black approval rating has been since he took office more than two years ago. This isn’t horrible news, but it’s not good, either.

I would first submit that polls are usually skewed in Obama's favor, I am not sure who they ask. They do report their methodologies and describe their survey sampling. They can say anything they want, but we have no way of verifying who they asked.

I suspect the numbers were even less than 85%, but still a clear majority. They can only fudge the numbers so much and maintain some sense of credibility with those who aren't able to discern statistic very well.

The next portion of this article goes to minimize this information and go through the usual left wing excuses:

As we’ve told you here before, some Black Americans weren’t pleased when Obama decided to engage with Libya, with Louis Farrakhan outright denouncing the attacks. Many Americans are also extremely worried about an impending government shutdown on Friday. On top of all that, the economy is still struggling, and Black Americans especially are finding it difficult to find work.

As we head into the 2012 election season, Obama is going to need all the grassroots help he can get. In 2008, Blacks made up a full 13 percent of the electorate, which is two points higher than their last national turnout. It’s unlikely that Black voters are going to vote for Obama’s Republican opponent, but it’s possible that they’ll stay home come Election Day, and Obama can’t have that. His approval is also down amongst Latinos, from 65 percent to 54 percent.

Let this be a lesson to anyone racist and silly enough to say that Blacks support Obama no matter what out of racial loyalties. That’s’ simply not true; Blacks, like everyone else, will consider their stability and self-interest when making political decisions. And they’re doing that now.

Well, I consider myself schooled now. But what about very intelligent black men like the President and CEO of the Black Chamber Of Commerce?

Meet Harry Alford, who freely and willfully admits here in this interview with Laura Ingraham that the only reason he voted for Obama was because he is black:

You may want to jog your memory about this man. He's the one who called out Barbara Boxer's racism in a Senate hearing a couple of years ago. Listen to this stellar moment here:

I would have to say that this was one of the best moments in television, but there were too many people drinking the Kool-Aid back then to even notice this exchange.

Meanwhile, back to the main point.

Obama is losing support among blacks because there were many black people who hoped his election would mean better times for everyone. They truly thought this man was one of them.

They thought he would help them live the American dream and they are now learning what we here at PYY knew before this man was even elected. Like his racist friend in the Senate the dishonorable Barbara Boxer, he is a condescending phony whose only agenda is to make more people dependent upon government.

What we (who knew this beforehand) can take from this is comfort....comfort in knowing that our labors in exposing this ineffective leadership have not been in vain. We can see the cracks in the ceiling beginning to get wider and deeper. We saw those cracks before the 2008 election, because we were not afraid to look for them. Now that there are some paint chips and pieces of plaster beginning to fall on some heads, they are now beginning to notice the cracks as they get larger.

When BET is forced acknowledge the obvious, we know there is a golden opportunity at hand to expose more weakness in Obama's "structural" integrity.

In short, he has NOT delivered on his "pie-in-the-sky" promises and he never will. He can't---not when they keep telling us recovery is happening, things are getting better, and yet prices are skyrocketing for everything, while people (including blacks) are looking for work that is not there.


Chuck said...

This isn’t horrible news, but it’s not good, either.

No it is not good.

Doing simple math - a 10% drop of 13% of the voting population is about 1.3% of the total vote.

Obama won with about 53.5% of the vote

Keep these two things in mind in mind and then think about this next election.

-the black vote, a group who is historical finicky about voting, was over-represented in the last election. So their ability to put him over the top was inflated. We likely will be seeing decreased numbers and decreased percentage of these numbers

-the independents are leaving him

-the left as a whole is soft on him

-the right, as a whole wants him out

-he is losing support among Hispanics

-he is losing support among women

Does 1.3% seem big now?

LASunsett said...

Blacks tend to stay home, when they are dissatisfied. For this reason, it would not be a swing for the GOP, necessarily.

The demo you mention that carries the most weight is the independents. He's not at all popular with the vast majority of them and losing more of them as days go on. They have a better chance of swing the other way, if the GOP gets the right candidate. Otherwise...many of them may stay home too.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I don't think Obama is going to get as high of a black turnout to vote in the next election. I also know that he has lost the Independent vote, the Jewish vote, and I also don't think you are going to see as many young people voting as in the last Presidential election. Basically....the thrill is gone.

That said...there will be plenty of intimidation at the polls, cheating at the caucuses, and an upsurge in dead people voting.

If places like Wisconsin that has same day voter registration, the chances of cheating at the polls will be higher than ever. This is what the Unions do best.

Chuck said...

For this reason, it would not be a swing for the GOP, necessarily.

I agree. I don't see a lot of them jumping to the GOP. What I am saying is I think his margin of error is much smaller this time and to have votes stay home could be bad for him.

LASunsett said...

//That said...there will be plenty of intimidation at the polls, cheating at the caucuses, and an upsurge in dead people voting. //

That's the Obama way. It only works when the election is close.

LASunsett said...

//What I am saying is I think his margin of error is much smaller this time and to have votes stay home could be bad for him.//

I gotcha bro.