Monday, January 29, 2007

Kerry Does It Again

Surprise, surprise, surprise Sergeant Carter. The king of elocution himself, John Kerry, has done it again.


Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry slammed the foreign policy of the Bush administration on Saturday, saying it has caused the United States to become "a sort of international pariah."

Well, I don't know about you, but this sounds a bit superfluous to me. There are people trying to get into the U.S., non-stop. There are countries that are trying to get their hands in the American treasury, non-stop. If we are so isolated and no one wants much to do with us, why are we such a popular destination? Why do countries bend over backward to do business with us?

But beyond that, there is a distinction I would like to make here. There is a stark difference between saying something like this on the Senate floor, and saying it at an international gathering (which in my opinion, is quite irresponsible). It strongly indicates to me that this man executes very poor judgment, as evidenced by his making verbal gaffes a habit.

It all makes me wonder, if he shouldn't resign the Senate, move to Europe, establish residency, and run for office there. The way he condemns the U.S. in a such a cavalier, condescending, and elitist manner, makes me think he'd do well in the EU Parliament.


Greg said...

You are right to point out the context of the statement, LAS. And did you see who he was seated next to when he said it?

I hate John Kerry. As some of you know, I met John Kerry when I was working my way through law school. He came into the wine shop where I worked, and he treated me like I was nothing. The rudest customer I have ever had. Ever. And cheap. He had me deliver several cases of expensive French wine to his townhouse. And he did not tip one cent. Asshole.

People were hoping Curt Schilling would run against him in '08, but Schilling says he wants to play at least one more season after this. Too bad. Would've been great to watch Kerry have to work to get elected to Senate. Actually it would be nice to see him work while at the Senate (he's notorious for not showing up to vote). Also, what a contrast of candidates that would be. In '04, Kerry, who claims to big a big Red Sox fan, said his favorite current Red Sox player was "Manny Ortez", an apparent meld of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz. Idiot. When asked who his favorite Red Sox player of all time was, he didn't say Ted Williams or Babe Ruth or Pedro Martinez or Carl Yastremski or Jim Rice - he gave the name of some obscure player who played a couple years for the old Washington Nationals but hadn't played one game for the Red Sox. At least Kerry is good for some entertainment value....

LASunsett said...


//As some of you know, I met John Kerry when I was working my way through law school. He came into the wine shop where I worked, and he treated me like I was nothing. The rudest customer I have ever had. Ever. And cheap. He had me deliver several cases of expensive French wine to his townhouse. And he did not tip one cent. Asshole.//

I am utterly shocked. ;)

Mary Ellen said...

Here we go're either with us or against us.

Listen, I think that Kerry said the right thing. It was an honest view of many in the US and throughout the world, that George Bush has turned many away from us with his disastrous foreign policy. It's good for leaders around the world to know that the majority of us realize that. That makes it possible for them to see that, although we are stuck with a leader who is a total moron, there will be change for the better in the future of diplomatic foreign policy.

I'm glad that Senator Kerry is speaking for the majority of Americans. At least the rest of the world won't think we're all a bunch of Bush whacko's.

Greg: I wouldn't have given you a tip, either. :-D

Greg said...

Mary Ellen, maybe this is an example of why eye witness testimony is so unreliable, but I heard Kerry saying that the majority of us are ignorant of the rest of the world, not the opposite.

And I think you would give me a tip b/c you have some understanding of working class folks. If I delivered a 6-pack to a rat hole (yes, we would do that), I would get some kind of tip. But all the fat cats on Kerry's street refuse to tip. Maybe that's why they're so rich.

Mary Ellen said...


In that video, before he said "International Pariah" he said that the world over, there is a lack of confidence in the US. Well, he's correct. Have you seen the polls that tell you that? I have. In those polls, it says that the rest of the world think that the US has made them less safe instead of more safe since Bush has been president. I think if you see it in the eyes of a Fox Newscaster, you will see it as something wrong...if you see it in the eyes of the majority of Americans, you will see that he did nothing more than state the truth. Sometimes you have to face the truth in order to fix the problems. If you want to keep on your rose colored glasses and tell yourself that the world just loves us, go ahead, but I don't think that you are being honest with yourself.

Regarding the tip...who answered the door at the Kerry household? Was it him, his wife or some domestic help? If it is domestic help and they aren't given the money ahead of time, and that seems to be the problem in the entire neighborhood, then I would think your boss (the owner of the wine shop) should have included the tip or service fee for delivery in the bill. How do you know that Kerry and his wife were even aware that you weren't being given a tip?

As far as Kerry being rude in the store, what did he do or say that was rude? Or, did he just go about the business of buying his wine? Did you make any attempt at being civil to him or did you just go about your business? I guess it's all in the way you look at things. I try to keep that kind of stuff in perspective. I'm certainly not "on" 24/7. There are days when I'm out shopping that I don't feel like making small talk, if that means I'm rude...oh well.

LASunsett said...


//Listen, I think that Kerry said the right thing.//

My point is, saying it on the floor of the Senate or during an interview in the American media, is okay. I don't agree with his statement, but it's okay because I believe in free speech, no matter how outrageous it may be. Saying it overseas where the foreign press can have a field day with it, is quite another matter.

Do I believe that he had the right to say it? Yes. But in my opinion, it showed poor judgment to say such a thing, in the setting he was in. There are certainly ways to have communicated his point, without the over-exaggeration.

Greg said...

He was seated next to the former president of Iran. Iran, the country that invaded our embassy and held our diplomats and Marines hostage. Who finances Hezbollah, a brutal terrorist organization. Who hosts Holocaust denial conferences and advocates the destruction of a nation and people. Who is developing nuclear weapons illegally and thumbs its nose at international organizations trying to stop it. Who stood with North Korea as they performed their illegal nuclear test. Who is sending men and materials to kill our soldiers and countless civilians in Iraq.

He sat next to that man and said the US is the pariah. There is definitely something wrong with that.

I also resent the statement that Americans are ignorant of the rest of the world. Typical elitist. John Kerry thinks HE knows, but most of us are too stupid to get it. It's wrong and insulting at the same time. Screw him.