Monday, January 29, 2007

March Of The Polls

You thought they were gone. You didn't see them coming back. But they are back and back with a vengeance. They are the pre-election opinion polls, brought to you by all of the usual suspects.

The Today Show has just touted this latest Newsweek poll as gospel.

The primary and caucus season is about a year away and the general election is close to two. But the media has to prove itself to be relevant and conduct these polls now, as if the election is nigh.

I know that there are people campaigning, but when you consider that John Edwards has practically established residency in Iowa since he and John Kerry were defeated in 2004, you cannot put much credence in the early maneuvering. The point is, polls are just polls. Sometimes they bear out, but many times they do not. Remember how the Dems were supposed to be poised and ready to take back the White House, in 2004?

Early polls are not an accurate indicator of anything, this early. The only purpose they serve is to help the finger-in-the-wind candidates, to know which way the wind is blowing at a given point in time.


Greg said...

So Hillary can't lose, it appears! What a horrible position to be in - frontrunner 2 years before the election. Has that person ever won the election in the history of presidential elections?

I'll state it right here, right how. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, I will eat my shoe.

LASunsett said...


//If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, I will eat my shoe.//

If that happens let me know. I have some recipes for hats, I am sure they will work well with shoes, as well. ;)

Mary Ellen said...

Greg and LA

This is why John McCain will never be President.

I'm going to LOVE this election period!!!!!

Greg said...

Mary Ellen, there's only one person who can say they've been consistent on Iraq: Obama. (Maybe Edwards voted against - I can't remember) If that's the test, then Obama's your President, and Hillary is toast.

Greg said...

More seriously speaking, the time is really ripe for an isolationist candidate in the Pat Buchanan style. Can't think of anyone who fits the bill, except maybe Kucinich, who is essentially a communist and has no chance.

Maybe I should run. Of course, there is that letter to the editor I wrote in college which made me look like a big communist. I'm screwed for life for that stunt, plus I'm not an isolationist, but I'm sure someone out there could pull it off....

Mary Ellen said...


That video of McCain wasn't just about Iraq, it was about EVERYTHING! The guy can't agree with marriage, the Confederated flag, NOTHING! He contradicts himself within minutes in the same interview. Honestly, I think he has a screw loose. Not to mention, he goes off on temper tantrums all the time. The guy is nuts!

I heard on one of the cable channels that Chuck Hagel may run for President as an Independent. Certainly, the GOP won't support him after his remarks about the surge of troops in Iraq.

Mary Ellen said...

Yikes! I meant "Confederate" flag...not "Confederated" flag. I guess I should preview my posts first.

LASunsett said...


//He contradicts himself within minutes in the same interview. Honestly, I think he has a screw loose.//

I find this interesting. You are not the only Dem that I know, saying this. But what I have really found interesting is the fact that many of my Democratic friends that are saying this, at one time thought very highly of McCain. Some even said, they could've lived with McCain, had he been elected.

But, as they say, all bets are off at election time. Sad thing is, it's not election time yet. It's pre-election posturing time.

LASunsett said...


//More seriously speaking, the time is really ripe for an isolationist candidate in the Pat Buchanan style.//

For every action, there's a reaction, so they say.

I remember when I first began to seriously read history, I read about Mussolini's rise to power. As I read it, I began to think that fascism was a reaction to communism.

The pendulum often swings back hard.

Mary Ellen said...


Actually, it's not only Dems who are saying this about McCain. My aunt lives in Arizona and she is an Independent. She's voted Dem and Rep for President throughout her life. She voted for Reagan and for the first George Bush (I didn't ask if she voted for GWB). Anyway, she said herself that in Arizona people are beginning to talk about McCain's behavior in the last year or so. I think it has everything to do with his behavior since he tried to get back the Republican base by schmoozing up to the Evangelical right and Bush. His behavior has been erratic. He lost the Dems with that little love-fest hug for Bush. He'll never be President because very few Democrats will vote for him, especially the "soccer moms". He also won't get the black vote. Watch his numbers drop in the polls. Like Bush, the more visible he is, the more his poll numbers will drop. I'm fine with that, I never liked the guy. I just feel bad for any Republicans who are counting on him to give them a Republican president.

Greg said...

Hillary re Iraq before the war.

Greg said...

I love youtube. Nancy Pelosi on WMD (during Clinton Presidency):

Greg said...

Compilation! Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton (even asserts a relationship b/w Saddam & al Qaeda!!), al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, Jay Rockefeller, Nancy Pelosi...

Dems lied, thousands died [sigh]