Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Undercover In A British Mosque

For those that are not in tune with the ideology being advanced by those with radical agendas, this link is for you. If you want to talk about exclusionary and imperialist doctrines, then you need to see these videos, which were part of an undercover presentation in Britain.

It may take a while to get into the site, because Drudge has linked to them. Therefore traffic may be a little heavy. But do not delay, because there will no doubt be naysayers that will condemn this as offensive to Muslims, and You Tube may yank it, under pressure.

The dialogue speaks for itself and needs no comment from me. But I have to ask one question, does this go on here in the U.S.? I am a proponent of freedom of speech and religion to the nth degree, but I have to say that this is a bit troubling.


Greg said...

LAS: you can bet your hard earned money that this kind of crap does go on in some US mosques. In the '90's Zawahiri came to the US on a fund-raising tour and made quite a bit of money. It's in the 9/11 report. They have plenty of friends here. That's the bad news.

The good news is that they are being watched very carefully. As opposed to the British approach, the FBI has apparently taken a very aggressive posture of surveillance which includes placing agents inside suspect mosques. This has led to a couple of convictions, one pretty recently as I recall.

The Brits, on the other hand, can't seem to find enough ways to appease these animals. Did you see the clips from today's bombing trial in London? One surveillance video shows one of the failed bombers aiming his bomb at a mother and her baby. That is islamism at its most raw. Such hate. Meanwhile, the British authorities invite veiled islamists to make "alternative holiday greetings" on the tellie and allowed at least one murderer to escape the country in a veil (they were to PC to tell the person they needed to see their face before boarding the aircraft).

Always On Watch Two said...

Well, lots of us are certainly posting on this particular topic.

Now, how many mosques and Islamic centers in the United States are funded by Saudi? And what does the Saudi influence in those mosques mean for the United States in the long term?