Friday, January 12, 2007

Nifong To Give Up Duke Rape Case?

The NYT is reporting that Mike Nifong, the unethical and highly inept prosecutor in the Duke rape case, wants out and is willing to hand it off to the state attorney general.

The district attorney has asked the state attorney general to take over prosecution of the sexual offense and kidnapping case against three Duke University lacrosse players, an official involved in the case said today.

Michael B. Nifong, the Durham district attorney, faxed the request to Jim Coman, head of the state attorney general’s special prosecution unit, today, the official said. Mr. Nifong decided he had no choice but to hand off the case because he faces a conflict of interest with ethics charges pending against him for his public comments on the case, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because there has yet to be an official announcement of the request.

Now that he has been re-elected, what does he need this case for? Besides, he may be spending his next few months assisting in his defense against ethics charges and may be fighting to keep his law license. His mismanagement of this case was the worst kind of power trip.

I hope it all was worth it to him.


Richard said...

I think he got on early thinking this was going to be an open and shut case. Before he bothered to look at the evidence, or build a case that extends beyond her testimony.

I agree, he did horribly mismanage this case. From what I can tell these boys are innocent and this will haunt them for a long time.

My view on the case

LASunsett said...

As I said at Richard's blog in regards to this case, there are enough real cases of racial bigotry in this world, as it is. We do not need trumped up charges to call attention to them.