Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another Blast From The Past

When we mention prolific bands, one that will most always come in the course of the conversation is Genesis. Most can recognize that this was a band that spawned two of the biggest solo acts ever, Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. But the forgotten Genesis spin-off act is one that has also enjoyed a decent amount of success. Since this is the Brickyard weekend, PYY is only too glad to feature the music and talent of Mike and the Mechanics.

This first tune is my favorite. It has a theo-political theme to it which can be applied to our time, despite the fact it was written and recorded in the 80s. Here is Silent Running:

One song that got a lot of airplay on rock stations in the 80s was this next one. This one is entitled, All I Need Is A Miracle:

Mike's distinctive Genesis sound comes through on this next one. Here is Nobody's Perfect:

Finally, we have a tune where new age meets rock. This is a mellow uplifting song called, The Living Years:



Obob said...

You are in the 80s, I'm catching up. I liked this group. They had a good sound, strong lyrics, a little pop.
I forgot about Silent Running, great find. And the bonus was Paul Carreck on vocals.
In a cheesy way, I liked his solo album, One Good Reason, which is somewhere in my basement

LASunsett said...

I actually began my interest in music, in the 60s. When I was but a young school-age lad, the Monkees got my interested in rock and roll. When Beatlemania hit the US and made their appearances on Ed Sullivan, I didn't like them very much. I woas much more interested in the jugglers and animal acts.

When the 80s sound began, like most of my peers at that time, I didn't care much for it. I had a roommate in the Army that was into punk-rock and I couldn't stand the crap he played on his stereo. I was into the 70s style of Deep Purple and the likes. But eventually, the sound grew on me as it became more mainstream.