Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Today is 9/12/09, one day after our thoughts were with the tragedy that jolted us, eight years earlier. This is the day that the 9/12 Project culminates in a Washington DC rally. The goal is for us to come away with a renewed energetic spirit and realize a more formal assessment of our progress.

Every time there has been a crisis or challenge to the structural and/or institutional integrity of this nation, the people within that generation have risen to the occasion and beat back those forces through honorable but assertive means. To the people of my generation (and those just ahead and below), this is our time. This is our moment. We must act and keep acting. The forces that seek to implement their weak and erroneous policies will punch back, they have the resources. We must stand toe to toe, we must counter their counters. We must maintain our resolve until we can take back this government from the special interests, in 2010.

The nation is at risk for going down the wrong road, further than is safe to do so. We are the only hope and you can safely rest assured it will take many to execute this reversal or direction, to prevent irrevocable damage to subsequent generations. One man cannot save us, one man cannot hurt us. But there is safety and strength in numbers speaking their minds. And when one has actual truth and justice (not merely proclaimed or imagined) on their side, the message resonates more clearly and the works are made manifest for all to see.

They want to bully us, they want us to bow down and kiss their rings. They want us to believe that we cannot make the best decisions for ourselves and our families and should allow them to think for us. We must stand our ground, we must reassert our presence in the decision making process and politicians must listen to us, if they want to keep their jobs.

It's just that simple.

So as we all gather our thoughts about the long weary struggle ahead of us, we must inspire and be inspired. And one of the better ways to seek inspiration is through music. For this reason, this week we have a "stand your ground" musical theme. Holding our own is a policy that must be implemented, using the rights afforded to all of us in the US Constitution. Delivering results should be our primary goal.

Here's a tune in which the opening lyrics are representative of this theme. This song is Stand And Deliver by Mr. Mister:

Some people hate and expect affection
Some people lie and demand the truth
I gotta ask myself if it's soul deception
Is this the natural thing that we all just do

We take such pleasure from pain, I'm
just tired of playing that game
Some things you've got to change

You've got to stand and deliver, with your body and soul
Stand and deliver, just give me something to hold
Stand and deliver, if the truth can be told
We can make it together, if we stand - stand and deliver

The walls are being built right now. These walls are specifically designed by greedy politicians to keep the people out of government business. They know what's best for us (or so they think) and the will of the people be damned. But we have options, and we are exercising them. Tea parties and involvment with town hall meetings are having an impact everywhere, even though the fight is nowhere near won.

We must break down the walls and reassert the will of our founding fathers, who had the presence of mind to know and understand the tyranny that is naturally generated by an oppressive government. To do this we must not hang our heads, but as the next tune exhorts, we must all Stand Tall:

Stand tall it gets a little better
I see the wall that we can break down together
Stand strong it gets a little better now
We can break it down, yes we can break it, we can
Break it down

I can only take so much
The pressure man come to pressure us
They came to watch us fall
Oh yes they came to watch us fall
And we will rise up against them all
So I

Stand tall it gets a little better
I see the wall that we can break down together
Stand strong it gets a little better now
We can break it down, yes we can break it

So what does all of this mean? Listen to this next song, which has a familiar tune and melody to it. The words have been changed to reflect the task that is before us:

It is our only hope, we must be successful. They are on the ropes and they know it, but there is some life left in the opposition's jet packs. We must recharge ours and keep the machines running smooth.

We have one chance, one last chance to stop this bunch from getting this country so deep in debt, out children will forever curse us for stealing their future. Once chance, or it just may end up too late.

Enjoy the music.

Let's get busy. Time to flood the all of the Congress with e-mails and phone calls, especially the Blue Dog Dems. Let them know their careers in public service will come down to this vote, tell them to abandon the progressive measures that are going to head this nation into a wall of destruction and ruin.

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