Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Goes Around...

....surely does come back around, in due time.

Take a look at this story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

White supremacist groups say they want hate crime charges filed in the Belleville West bus attack case and are encouraging a protest.

Messages flashed across neo-Nazi and white supremacist websites today promoting an 11 a.m. protest on the Belleville courthouse grounds on Saturday.

“People in this town are rightfully angry at the double standard that we know how this would be working if the races were reversed,” wrote an announcement on the website for the National Socialist Movement, a white supremacist group. “We want to not only condemn these acts of violence, but also to try and persuade the state's attorney to file hate crime charges in this case.”

As despicable as I find this group to be, it just goes to show some things that very few people want to consider:

When Black Panthers are allowed to threaten voters at polling places and are allowed to go unprosecuted, when Al Sharpton can organize marches against authorities who hold six black kids that stomped on an innocent white kid in Louisiana, it should come as no surprise when there is pushback from the opposite end of the spectrum.

Once people wake up and realize that eons of slavery, and other forms of atrocities committed towards people of color, cannot be rectified by allowing black people (who commit the same kinds of unthinkable acts) to go without some kind of consequences for their actions. Once people understand that everyone needs to be held to the same standards, then we can have true justice for all.

Until then, we must be forced to endure this kind of response from putrid hate groups like this, or risk a backlash that no one wants to see. Once you allow one side to act out, the other side will respond. If you suppress/oppress one side over the other, there is no rule of law.


Chuck said...

I agree full with you. While this is a loathsome group, why is this any different than any other race based protest? While it may not be a popular view, I view groups like La Raza, NAACP, etc as not much more than hate groups. They just have better PR agents and are media darlings.

Anonymous said...

This entire issue makes me sick. Not meaning to divert discussion away from the focus of the post, let us acknowledge that discrimination is alive and well in the United States, as pro-black groups are quick to point out. Less acknowledged, however, is the insidious and selective discrimination practiced by the political left, which includes pro-black groups and white liberals.

Neither of these leftist interests seems hesitant using a broad brush on the essential issue of racism, nor waver in practicing reverse discrimination on a grandiose scale. Between the two, white liberals may be the worst offenders of the behavior they pretend to condemn. While throwing their support behind black Americans and the so-called downtrodden Hispanic in promulgating the myth of white oppression, they concurrently discriminate against poor whites and Asian-Americans across a wide range of issues, from college and graduate school admissions, to employment and access to small business opportunities.

Ergo, it is only a matter of time before white racists begin to fight back in the courts, which is far better than burning crosses on people’s front lawns.

However, let us consider the work of organizations such as ACORN. Such organizations may be able to assist a black family, single white mother, or a unicorn to secure a sizeable small business loan or mortgage, but none of these so-called community based organizations can guarantee the success of businessmen or homeowners no matter what color, sex, or ethnic group they belong to. Yet, once the loans have been extended, even when the loans end up in default and become a burden to the taxpayer, white liberals congratulate themselves on what a great job they did for some po’ black person.

Black racists (Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright) and white liberals (too many names to list) regularly abuse (psychologically), and enslave (economically) the people they profess to champion. I often wonder why federal authorities do not investigate Rainbow/Push and Acorn for violations of racketeering laws.

I think the solution is simple, but not simplistic. I favor the concept of equal opportunity and success through merit. Our laws already provide for equal opportunity, both in publicly funded education and in hiring practices among private enterprises (conveniently ignored by white liberals when it comes to poor whites and Asians), but the government cannot guarantee success to anyone. We need to accept this as a reality.


Chuck said...

Hey Mustang.

You are right. The notion of white supremist groups fighting back in court is intriguing.

I still stand by the fact that I dispise them. Further, having their name attached to anything essentially makes it toxic which would cause it to automatically lose in the court of public opinion. While this may not seem to be important, ultimately the goal of any of this is to change attitudes in society - political correctness as an example. So losing the PR battle is failing in this goal.

It would be interesting to start seeing a group pulling the same gorilla tactics that groups like the NAACP and people like JJ Jr do.

I have heard where these groups, and people, know they cannot win a lot of the "discrimantion" lawsuits they bring in court. They know that the only real way to win is to go public. Announce the suit, make a public stink about it, which in turn causes the corporation they are targeting to pay a little money, issue a public apology for the error of their ways, and make a show of changing their practice.

So effectively what these groups do is bully them into change because they know that a public fight will make the corporation look racist and not only be a public relations nightmare but could be financially disastrous.

Maybe we need white counterparts to fight against nonsense like this:

While I have no interest in wearing my hair like this guy (if I had hair that is ) the disciplinary action was racist. Keep in mind though that this is the city police department that let the Black Panthers harrass voters, on election day last year.

Bottom line, racism is racism and we nee to end it all.

LASunsett said...

//They just have better PR agents and are media darlings.They just have better PR agents and are media darlings.//

AND...the conventional wisdom of the so-called intelligentsia seems to dictate that only white people can be racist.Believe it or not, at one time a few years ago, I had a regular commenter who claimed to have a doctorate in Latin American Studies (or something Poli-Sci) and she made that very claim.

LASunsett said...

//I often wonder why federal authorities do not investigate Rainbow/Push and Acorn for violations of racketeering laws.//

Because, that would be racist.

(No thanks necessary, that's what Top Sergeants are for.)