Saturday, March 06, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

Among the many bits of wisdom my friend Mustang attempts to impart to me, one of them comes into play in this week's musical presentation. When it comes to music he says he may not know much about styles or genres of modern music, but he knows what he likes. We know that from the Colonel's yesterday's swoop though PYY, he doesn't like the Black-Eyed Peas.

So being the kind of guy that I am, I will not stray into BEP's waters. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little funk around here.

Here are some tunes from artists one short generation after soul artists like Smokey Robinson were tearing up the charts. These are but a few of which I would like to share.

The first artist has won several awards along the way in his career. His mother played Helen Willis on the 70s sitcom The Jeffersons, his father was a big shot in the NBC news department. But IMHO, his most interesting relative was his uncle -- who was a Korean War hero.

This 1991 smash hit blends some old Motown style with modern technology -- for a much more distinctive sound. If I had to come up with something concrete to say about this one, I'd have to say the background string and brass arrangements are what makes this one so appealing:

Next.... we have a song that I always thought was so damned catchy. It is infectious.

It comes via a guy from Orlando, who once won a Golden Gloves Championship in the lightweight division. He did a stint in the Army to box. But I guess he didn't like the soldiering part because he was administratively discharged before his enlistment was up, all for going AWOL (something that irks me to no end).

But I think he can sing a little. He has a great blend of musical funk, accentuated by some raw vocals. I know his 1988 mega hit was a Billboard #1, so I am not the only one that dug his sound:

Finally, of the three artists featured here in this post, I'd have to say I like this one the best. I had thought that he once had a car wreck, but I later found out that he has an auto-immune disorder that causes his facial scarring. As superficial as the entertainment establishment is, I am glad they didn't ignore his incredible talent.

He has several good songs that I like and feel are quite worthy to post here. And others may vehemently disagree with me, but I think this tune was his best.

Here a a great live version of what I think is a timeless classic:



Anonymous said...

I have sent a copy of your post from yesterday to the NAACP and a donation for $2,000.00. Now we'll see how long your racist butt stays on the internet.

Dude, the first singer sounds like Smokey Robinson, the second guy sounds like Tina Turner. I do agree that the third performer is great, though.

I hope Mustang comes by later to defend his good name. I hope he will one day learn how disloyal you have been to a fine and upstanding member of the blogosphere.

Your friend,

Eric Cartman

Anonymous said...

Whenever one reads this blog, it is necessary to consult with the official list of racial epithets … as a dictionary of applied terms and references. Now I find myself consulting this list because otherwise, I wouldn’t know half of what this blogger is talking about. For example, I didn’t know what the phrase ‘black-eyed-peas’ suggested until my attorney in fact explained that as a serving under the category of soul-food, people often make fun of black people by referencing what they are reputed to eat. I didn’t know this, of course. I mean, I never imagined you could call someone a ‘Church’s chicken’ and be accused of using racial slurs. More to the point, however, I felt that the blogger … a man who I sent (with his wife) to a Caribbean island for a week, may have used poor judgment using or incorporating the term black-eyed peas. And then it occurred to me a second possibility: he simply has more balls than anyone else does.

I question whether he made this week’s selection as part of his random process, or because he felt bad about castigating black people in his previous post. I fear that only the blogger himself knows the answer. For my part, I feel sad that my good friend continues to use his blog to insult me vis-à-vis his tongue-in-cheek commentary: swooping through PYY indeed!

Mustang Sends

PS. Thanks Eric … I appreciate your loyalty. More the pity, I am beginning to see that everything you said earlier is true.

LASunsett said...

//I have sent a copy of your post from yesterday to the NAACP and a donation for $2,000.00. Now we'll see how long your racist butt stays on the internet.//

That's nice. I just matched your donation but not to the NAACP. I gave it to your mother so she could enroll you into Gunny's Summer Boot Camp for kids. Now we'll see how many grass drills you can do in one 24 hr period, while the rest of us are at the beach and pretty much enjoying our summer.

LASunsett said...

To: Lt. Col. Mustang
From: 1st Sgt. Sunsett

Once again the upper echelon NCO still waiting for promotion to Sgt Major must bail out the commander.

For the Colonels knowledge and overall personal enrichment, please follow this link.

Respectfully Submitted,

1st Shirt

Always On Watch said...

LOL at the comments here.

Z said...

um. interesting comments, for sure. ??

To the music: He's HELEN WILLIS' SON? Very interesting tidbit. Good looking, too :-)

The second two tunes might have been mega hits but then I'm losing my touch; I usually have at least HEARD megahits and don't recognize either. I didn't know why SEAL's face was like that, thanks...but it is wonderful that, in our world of beauty, people have seen his real beauty...And I don't just mean his gorgeous wife :-)
The first tune brought back memories, I LOVE it. Stop me if I've told you this :-) but I got to meet Smokey and chat with him for a few minutes the day after a Temps/4Tops concert he cameo'd live at, where I happened to have been. The next day, I walk out of my chiropractor's exam office into the waiting room and THERE IS SMOKEY...what a coincidence. I mean the theater where the show was sat only about 1000 people and in ALL OF LA, we end up in the same waiting rm the very next day. It even blew HIS mind.Very nice guy.
And WHAT A singer!!
Thanks for indulging my nostalgia!

Anonymous said...


Pursuant to relevant penal and civil codes, you are hereby ordered to cease harassment of Eric Cartman, a minor child residing in the state of Colorado. Your failure to stop this harassment, which includes threats, words, and deeds impairing a normal child’s development and self-esteem, may subject you to serious financial penalty, a weekend with Nancy Pelosi, or community service with Barney Frank.

Stan Marsh
Child Protective Services

LASunsett said...

//LOL at the comments here.//

Yeah, AOW. Aren't you glad you are not me?

LASunsett said...


Re: The last two songs

Wishing Well made it to #1 on Billboard's Top 100 in 1988.

Crazy made it to #7 in the US, #1 in Sweden and Switzerland, and it was no lower than #9 anywhere in the world that has any taste.

LASunsett said...

Dear Stan,

I thank you for your concern, but this is NOT your concern. If you persist in harassing me concerning this issue, I will donate another $2000 to your parents -- to send YOU to Gunny's Summer Boot Camp. That way, you and your little weasel friend Eric can clean latrines with toothbrushes together.

Thank you in advance for your newly found silence.

Top Sergeant

Rocket said...

Dear Mr. Marsh

"a weekend with Nancy Pelosi, or community service with Barney Frank."

You failed to mention that Mr. Frank would systematically be working behind Mr. Sunsett

Seymour Butts
President Child Protective Services

Anonymous said...

Dear Stan,

Pardon me dear sir, but this is my weekend with Mr. LA Sunsett. I will thank you to get your scheduling in order unless you want to see a severe cat fight.

-H. Clinton