Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Words Of Destruction

Words are powerful entities. They can influence those who do not understand the concepts, behind them.

By now most of us know the latest stunt being considered by the corrupt and foolish Democratic leadership, in a sneaky and underhanded attempt to ram the healthcare bill through to the President's desk. Details and commentary can be found here at the Washington Post.

After laying the groundwork for a decisive vote this week on the Senate's health-care bill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested Monday that she might attempt to pass the measure without having members vote on it.

Instead, Pelosi (D-Calif.) would rely on a procedural sleight of hand: The House would vote on a more popular package of fixes to the Senate bill; under the House rule for that vote, passage would signify that lawmakers "deem" the health-care bill to be passed.

I could spend a lot of time using cute quips to parse the article, but that would not be the way to effectively make a sound argument. The bottom line in all of this is quite plain to me, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

One of the objectives of the progressive movement is to isolate issues by controlling the narrative. They do this by trying to use a multitude of over inflated words....so they can cloud up the simplest of concepts. They also can use them to overstate the severity of a problem, or they can just use them to communicate false information.

They can use our responses to their weak arguments, against us and our positions. They can counter the words of our narrative and by the time you figure out how to respond to that, you find you have allowed yourself to get off message.

So what's the message? Well, let's look at it closely.

It has taken over a year for a bill to come out and it's still not passed. That tells us, it's not a good bill.

But that isn't enough.

Pelosi, Reid, and Company sought to use reconciliation to jam it through. Until the parliamentarian said it wasn't right, they were more than happy to pursue that course of action without any regrets. They called it opening the gate, but the gate was shut. So now they are parachuting over the fence with this newest scheme.

It just goes to show the utter desperation of those who are losing this argument, and the lengths they are willing to go just to make a bad bill into a bad program. It makes them look childish and immature, like someone who cannot lose gracefully and concede defeat. It also makes them look bitter and vindictive, like someone who can't get their way.

More importantly, it shows other things.

If they are willing to make every effort to pass this bill using this method (or any other that will not require their members to go on record, and give it an up or down vote), it cannot be good for the overall health and well-being of the republic. It can only mean trouble.

They are telling us they are more in line with Soviet style government reform, than any provision made in the United States Constitution. If they do not do this the way the system has intended, they are showing us some major outward signs that their agenda is notin the best interests of the United States. They are demonstrating loudly and clearly that they want to reserve the right to overrule the will of the people at any time of their choosing --- thus exercising some measures of dictatorial totalitarianism.

If this is the case in this issue today and they are allowed to do it without protest, what will they do when it is time to cede power after losing it through an election? Will they come up with some obscure parliamentary procedure? Will they try to seize control by using obscure wording to claim a Constitutional crisis (and seize "temporary" power as a result of the fake perception of said crisis)?

It's something to think about, America. I would suggest thinking about it long and hard, before you cast your votes for progressives again. Because it is the White House who has command over the military. And if this were to become a stark reality, what commands would he give to it in the event of such a chain of events taking place?

Just asking.


Greg said...

What's a word you never hear the President say when discussing Obamacare? "Massachusetts."

His plan essentially mimics the one we implement a few years back here in Mass.: force everyone to buy insurance (while paying for those who can't afford it), and in theory, costs will go down. Fail. We have the highest premiums in the country. The state is in real financial trouble b/c paying for insurance for 4% of the population is very expensive. Yes, that's right - huge budget deficits and the highest premiums in the country to cover 4%. Since it's working so terribly, goes Obama's thinking, let's expand it to the whole country!

Premiums here are so high that many of us - including me - are worried that we will be hit by the "Cadillac" tax that Obama wants. Mass. is therefore hoping for one of the special deals that the Prez and Pelosi and Reid are passing out.

On that note, interesting news from Sen. Kerry this weekend: even though the President said the special deals were coming out of the bill, he has assured all of the states that their special provisions will happen anyway.

Mustang said...

The health plan Greg is referring to was a gift from a Republican governor. I mention this because I have been saying that the GOP is every bit as socialistic as the DNC ... and this is one proof.

I don't usually cut and past comments from one blog to another, but I'm going to do that today. I left this comment at Brooke's place earlier, and it is also a perfect fit to this post.

"This is what the American people opted for ...


The American people are idiots and I could not be more disgusted. So many good men and women died to give freedom to the American people, and then they turn around and give it up for "Hope and Change."

No, disgusted isn't the right word. But I can't think of another right now, and certainly not one suitable for mixed company.

Semper Fi"

Greg said...

Mustang, I do think that the Mass. program is going to hurt Romney a lot if he tries to run for Prez again. It's too bad, b/c Romney would be a great candidate. But he championed a plan that has cost us dearly with no tangible results (except for the 4% who got insurance they wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford).

My URL above was cut off - here's a better link: http://tinyurl.com/yel5vsf

Chuck said...

Two words - Executive Order.

This is the way Obama will negate the next election. Even if the Dems keep control of both chambers, they will almost certainly lose a working majority. The Senate will be well below the 60 vote threshold and with bluedog Dems, the House will have a hard time putting together a majority for far left bills.

Obama will simply make law himself. Some will be overturned in court but this will take years of damage to accomplish

Always On Watch said...

Obama and this Dem Congress do think that they are a law unto themselves.

Our beloved Constitution is being trampled.

Where does that leave WE THE PEOPLE?

Anonymous said...

just food for thought!

The broadside below was written by a lonely Conservative in NYC. He befriended me through my blog and shares his frustration with me from time to time. His latest point is a good one and got me thinking... I know, sounds dangerous doesn't it??

To the Justices of the Supreme Court:

This is no time for taciturnity. Many millions of us believe this president, and the Democrat House and Democrat Senate, are openly subverting—ignoring—the dictates of the Constitution. It is my understanding your Branch can tell an overreaching Executive Branch that its actions are not allowed by the Constitution; that you can tell the Congress that a law it passed violates the Constitution and, therefore, ceases to be a law; that you can even tell a state’s government that one of its laws breaks a rule in the Constitution.

Tell us at this critical hour that you’ll execute your duty to be the final judge in every case involving laws of Congress, and of the ultimate law of the land: the U.S. Constitution.

Virginia has already taken action against ObozoCare and the provision that if you don't sign on after years of paying taxes out the wazoo, and the Feds try to make good on the threat to fine and jail Virginians who don't want to sign on with ObozoCare... Well, Virginia will just tell them to "eat poop and we'll see you in court!!!!" The utter joy of being a still sovereign Commonwealth!!!

I think we should look into using Facebook to round up angry citizens and file a Class Action Lawsuit against the Obama Administration, the Senate and the House for violating our Constitutional rights! You cannot force people into a contractual agreement!!!! A contract HAS to be between two or more consenting parties! The majority of Americans do not consent to this abomination!!!! Perhaps we could sue for Obama's immediate resignation for malpractice of the Presidency too!!!! To swear to defend and uphold the Constitution and then violate it should be an offense worthy of a lawsuit and maybe even jail time! I know what I suggest may sound dumb, but hey... when have we ever had such a jackass in the White House engaging in out and out criminal conduct????

I am thinking just voting Bozo's out of the Congress this fall is not enough. They need to be held accountable to "We the People"!!!!
OK, I'm going to go take my Prozac now!!!!