Friday, March 26, 2010

Mike Malloy - Hypocrite At Large

Okay. I have heard enough of this crap. I have had my fill of listening to bastards like this:

It is plain to most intelligent people who have integrity and those who thirst for truth. Good people cannot condone this kind of behavior, on either side of the spectrum.


Anonymous said...

For liberals who pride themselves being part of the intellectual elite, here we have a man unable to express himself without profanity.

Do I understand that his hate is acceptable, while the hate of others is not? It seems so ... Islamic, for some reason. If one happens to have a conservative view, this fellow wants them to choke to death.

Enlightened, indeed.


Chuck said...

Just another leftist POS

Anonymous said...

This is why I "turned against the Democratic Party". There is no logic in calling someone or a group "haters" and then the next minute they are posting hateful comments on Huffing POs like they hope Tony Snow dies (when it was announced that his cancer had reoccurred!) or Nancy Reagan dies when she was rushed to the hospital! The hypocrisy the elitist faux intellectuals are what clued me in to the fact that "the party" had been taken over by Progressives and mindless zombies.

I'm with you all, I'm sick of these ignorant pukes.


Rocket said...

What about leftwing nutjob jerkoffs?

A.C. McCloud said...

Does this guy actually have a radio network?

LASunsett said...

AC, he is in a whopping 13 markets. That's why they are pushing for the fairness doctrine, so they can spread more of this bile around.

Mary Ellen said...

When I hear hate crap on the radio (and I've heard it on BOTH sides) I exercise my right not to listen and shut it off.

Z said...

MaryEllen, I'd like to know which conservatives are actually calling for deaths...let us know.

LA...I could only listen for a few seconds .... this is such #@$&@(#*

Re; the threats...the msm covered those to the Dems and I never heard a word about the threat to the Republican.

Mustang, I think they resort to profanity because they really can't discuss their hypotheses with any facts to back their anger ...the swearing must help.
Boy, are Rush and Beck scaring them WITLESS......Soon, the Left WILL FIND SOMETHING on Beck. I guarantee it.