Saturday, August 07, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

Caught in a chasm that is split between two different worlds of emotions.

Mellow and pensive:


Skeptical and argumentative:




Mustang said...

It is always interesting to me how bands ‘grow’ over the years; how they struggle to redefine themselves within a very restrictive market share. Bands still with us from the 60s are those who have successfully done that. What we don’t know, at least I don’t, is how much of their popularity comes from personal loyalty and popular approval of their changes over time.

Z said...

Tull's one of those guys who always sounds the same but never is boring; you know it's HIM but he's 'different somehow', does that make sense to you? Not a fan of the lyrics or the sound of the second one, but the first's always been a favorite, thanks for the reminder..

Mustang makes a good point about popularity and personal loyalty. I'd probably go see Tull or Supertramp and be mad they played a new song at the concert in lieu of a personal favorite.
But, Leon Russell could play ALL new songs and I"d be happy. hmmm

LASunsett said...


I saw Tull once back in the 70s. I'd see them again. They are now relegated to nostalgia shows, as far as I know they have not been actively putting out new music.


What about the lyrics of Wind Up do you not like? I thought the message was one that said God was a 7 day/wk God not the kind he was led to believe existed in his youth.

A.C. McCloud said...

Tull's music has a certain lure for those of us heralding from that region I think. At least it does for me. And, despite their apparent atheism and outspoken politics at time, I've never stopped liking their stuff.