Wednesday, August 18, 2010

True Vision, True Hope

The proverb states it quite emphatically: Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Although he was not perfect and certainly had his share of flaws, Ronald Reagan had a vision. He knew there were forces that wanted government to grow, at the expense of freedom and liberty. He fought those forces back then and I believe that he knew they would not surrender easily, after he left.

Here is a prime example of today's forces that seek to plant government deeper in our lives at the expense of our personal liberties, and those who will follow us:

We hear many voices, today. We hear them clamor, we hear them insult, we hear them intimidate. Many of us know and understand what their motives are, we knew it back in 2008. But enough people on the fence were willing to ignore the pleas of those of us who knew. And this is what we got for it.

Folks, it's going to be tough. We have a huge mess to clean up and there is no guarantee it will be easy. It may take some time and we may have to make some sacrifices along the way.

But we can do it. If I didn't think we could, I wouldn't be wasting my time typing this out.

It is said that the WWII generation was the world's greatest generation. After all, it was them, who sacrificed so much to save the world from a maniacal madman and his distorted vision for the world. His vision was being implemented by force. They did not fear those who advanced their beliefs by violence and the threat thereof. They were steadfast, brave, and determined to not allow him to succeed.

Today, we have many people in power who have distorted visions of their own. They are not using the barrel of a gun to implement them. But they haven't acquired enough power or leverage from the citizenry to do this just yet.

Nevertheless, they are intent on ramming it down our throats against our will in a different way. They listen not to the people, but to their own selfish and aggrandizing spirits. They issue executive orders and pass unpopular legislation under the guise of humanitarianism, but under it all it is still a huge power grab to set things up for more abuses in the future.

They may not be rolling tanks into our yards right now, but it is still by force.

Today, that great generation is dying off and we who were raised by them are all that is left to carry on that torch. But if within this nation there are a few men and woman who have clear and concise visions of the way things ought to be, then there is an opportunity to restore that which is slipping away from us, and into the hands of an increasingly more corrupt government.

This is our chance, this is our moment. This is my sincere hope.

If we rise to the occasion as it has been done in generations past, we can become an even greater generation than those who preceded us. If not, then their sacrifice will have been in vain, our nation will crumble before our very eyes, and there will be no more hope.

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