Thursday, August 19, 2010

Implicit Enslavement Examined

The next time you hear someone ask where the black faces are in the TEA Party are, look no further than this video. I recommend you take five minutes of your valuable time and check this out:

Considering the way most black activists think and operate, these men are some of the bravest men I can find on the planet-- and this was merely a teaser. I cannot wait for the full length documentary to be released next year.

One of the men in the video  makes a claim that I would like to expound on a bit, if I might:

He said that since JFK was the man most instrumental in freeing MLK from jail, blacks have blindly followed the Democratic Party, en masse. He is not wrong, but I would add something else. This support was solidified by LBJ when he signed into the Civil Rights Act.

Not that the Civil Rights Act was wrong, but let's consider that the spirit and circumstances in which LBJ promoted it.

You see, Johnson was a a well known bigot in his early days in politics. He used the n-word often and in the proper context to signify that he was a racist--in the truest sense of the definition. He was publicly for it, but privately he was lukewarm to the idea. But after JFK's assassination, he found himself in a tight spot.

JFK had introduced the bill that would eliminate Jim Crow and its abhorrent policies and LBJ knew that he was not going to be able to successfully reverse the course on it. And being the consummate politician he was, he turned it into a political strategy.

He summed it up well with a bit of a chilling statement which is rartely quoted today. Speaking of the legislation itself, one time in a conversation Johnson told the closest people around him, "I’ll have those (n-words) voting Democratic for the next 200 years".

Other Democratic politicians watched the responses from the black community and the voting demographics shifted immensely after its passage. It's understandable in one sense at this point in time. It was needed and the black community felt a sense of loyalty and rewarded the party with unquestionable support in huge numbers--percentage wise.

But being the opportunistic politicians they were, the very same Democrats began to use race as an issue whenever it became politically expedient. MLK was murdered and the radical elements used it as a means to further their own power and wealth. Once the bill became law, they feared their purpose in life was eliminated.

So they began what was an evolution into a corporate, big business model--under the guise of non-profit community project management. This is where we are today. And it's men like the ones who made this video, who see through the facade.


Chuck said...

Yeah, CBS is going to air this in prime time next Spring.

This is one hard hitting man. I think that if this got into a widespread airing it could open some eyes.

I have had the tendency for awhile to think that a lot of blacks are not truly happy with the Dems but have felt, due to lifelong beliefs that they do not have an alternative.

Shame on the GOP for not reaching out to them. I of course am not advocating that the GOP bend over backwards but they do have a history of ignoring the black voters, giving them up as a lost cause.

Mustang said...

I plan to use this in the future, LA ... with a hat tip to you, of course. I'm pleased to see a repudiation of the Progressive Party (communists) among black Americans.

I'm with Chuck; the GOP needs to reach out to these conservatives to help propel them into the lime light. Actually, I'm disappointed with the GOP. I had higher expectations of Steel.

Semper Fi

LASunsett said...

//I think that if this got into a widespread airing it could open some eyes. //

Spread the word. Get it out on the blogs.

LASunsett said...

//I plan to use this in the future, LA ... with a hat tip to you, of course.//

No need to hat tip....just get it out there for all to see. If everyone who reads PYY (who has a blog) posts this, they can start the process of getting the word out now..