Sunday, August 01, 2010

El Centro CA: A Cycle Of Despair

I cannot help but notice that El Centro, California is currently at 27.6% unemployment.

El Centro, Calif., is the largest U.S. city to be situated entirely below sea level. At the moment, it's also home to the country's most underwater job market. Nationally, the unemployment rate sits at 9.5 percent. But in the El Centro metropolitan area, it's a staggering 27.6 percent. And as workers across the country struggle to navigate the anemic labor market, El Centro has emerged as a case study about just how fragile the economic recovery can be.

But they will probably re-elect Rep. Bob Filner (D-51) to a another term representing them in Washington. They will probably re-elect Democrats Denise Moreno Ducheny (a lawyer) and Manuel Perez (a co-founder of La Union Estudiantil de la Raza) to their State Legislatures. They have no clue that one of the reasons they are in such a depressed state is because of the socialist policies brought on by Democrats.

They are in a cycle of despair that cannot be broken by promises of more government programs, because the California and the U.S. governments are broke. They cannot pay the existing bills for the existing programs, which have not helped the people of El Centro one iota.

So keep it up El Centro. Keep sending the same tired people with the same old tired ideas back into office, and see if the outcome changes. Do that and we'll see if you can break the 30% barrier by year's end.


Anonymous said...

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge. — Benjamin Disraeli (1845)

A.C. McCloud said...

Disraeli was pretty smart for a dumb guy. Makes me proud to realize I'm even dumber.

As to El Centro, Drudge has a story up about East St. Louis and how they're laying off cops. Yes, it's a bureaucratic stunt to force more money or property tax increases, but at some point the money runs out and it's the wild west.

LASunsett said...


Disraeli was onto something here.

It is not ignorance to know that you are ignorant. For example, I would trade what I know for what I do not know. I would do this because what I don't know, far outweighs that which I do know.

The ignorant people in this world are those who do not think they are ignorant.

These are people are elitist Progressive college professors, politicians, as well as far right wing religious fanatics (of any religion) who exclude people based on faulty theology.

They are ignorant, but they know not that they are ignorant. Who is guilty of the greater sin?

LASunsett said...

//As to El Centro, Drudge has a story up about East St. Louis and how they're laying off cops//

Oakland police will not answer calls unless there is a crime in progress. Gotta love those California liberals. They change the world, you know.