Saturday, February 10, 2007

Honoring A Statesman

There are those that to this day will still bash Ronald Reagan. The left has demonized him from the day he first raised his right hand. They called him a warmonger, claiming that he would start the big one. But here in this article, we see a man that is still recognized as an instrumental force in catalyzing the fall of the Soviet Empire, freeing up many in the former Warsaw Pact nations to determine their own destinies.

Opponents of Poland's former communist regime reportedly want to pay a posthumous homage to US President Ronald Reagan by erecting his statue in the place of a Soviet-era monument.

Say what you want, but this speaks for itself.


Always On Watch Two said...

Off topic...Mustang just posted his take on Obama as President.

Greg said...

Do we have better allies than the Poles right now?

In contrast, our new governor here in Massachusetts refuses to recognize Ronald Reagan's birthday. It's one of those silly proclamations that governors and mayors sign everyday, making a day "LA Sunset Day, for his contribution to civil discourse."

LASunsett said...


//"LA Sunset Day, for his contribution to civil discourse."//

LASunsett Day? Free booze and food for all? If so, I'm there. ;)