Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some Housekeeping Notes

There are many things I have wanted to do lately, but as per usual, I have not had the time. Here are some things I want to mention:

1. To all that were excited about the start-up of PPTG, please accept my apology for letting it go so long, without a post. I hope to get one up, this week.

2. For those readers that are French, I have a new site blogrolled, called French Election 2007. (Hat tip to L'Amerloque for finding it.) From what I can see, it looks like a good source of information, especially for those that do not speak French.

3. Another blogroll addition you'll notice is The Politico. It appears to be mostly centered on Democrats, but doesn't appear to have a hard partisan approach to it. Check it out, when you get time, if you are" so-inclined".

4. Steve Benen (the man who is editing The Daou Report for Peter Daou while he advises presidential candidate Hillary Clinton) has his own blog called, The Carpetbagger Report. Both Steve and Peter are clearly Democrats, but both have been very gracious in plugging PYY on occasions. So, you will now find his blog on the PYY blogroll. In all of your browsings, please visit his site when you get the time.

As always, thanks for reading PYY and I wish everyone a great week ahead.

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