Monday, February 12, 2007

A Song From My Past

There is a snow and ice storm quickly approaching my immediate are of operation, so I do not know how much time I will have to work on the blog. So, I will try to pack in a few short ones to keep you busy, on the chance that I get snowed in at work tomorrow.

Back in the late 70s (when I was stationed in the former West Germany), a new and innovative band hit the world music scene with style, grace, and force. Dire Straits' first big hit, Sultans Of The Swing, had such a Dylanesque sound to it, I couldn't help but allow it to catch my ear. As a result, I fell in love with this band almost instantly. The first time I heard it was with a bunch of Bundeswehr soldiers while out on REFORGER 79.

Today, almost 30 years later, I still love them. Their superb works are too numerous to mention, without some form of corresponding commentary; but one thing is for sure, I cannot pick a clear-cut favorite. Each one of them has been my favorite at one time or another, it just depends on my mood (I guess). But this one called Brothers In Arms is certainly one that I would call excellent:

Listen to it, enjoy it, and think about it. The lyrics are very eloquent and touching. The video is awesome.


L'Amerloque said...

Hi LASunsett !

Great track from a great group ! (grin)

In Amerloque's opinion, Mark Knopfler's album "Sailing To Philadelphia" is a brilliant observation/commentary on American life by a foreigner looking in. As has so often been demonstrated in the past, a foreigner can lucidly sees what makes America.


Greg said...

Ah, fantastic. From the days when bands played instruments and wrote lyrics that meant something.

Knopfler has a unique style on guitar that I would like to learn.

Anonim said...

Great track! Supertramp video was good, too. Thanks for sharing such unforgettables.

Btw, I've been away for some time frying other fish. Here is some "freedom fries Turkish style," for you and your readers to enjoy.

Another btw, can we embed from YouTube in comments, too? Just asking. In case something of relevance comes up.

LASunsett said...


//Another btw, can we embed from YouTube in comments, too? Just asking. In case something of relevance comes up.//

I don't think Blogger can support embedding videos in comments. But I have never tried. Feel free to try. But if not, you can always link to the video.

LASunsett said...

BTW Anonim,

Interesting article. Thanks for the link to it.

Anonim said...

About the article, sure, no problem.

Embedding, yes, it can be tried at no cost. One time, I typed an unnecessary but harmless whitespace in an html tag, blogger caught it and forced me to fix it. It's policing the html code closely, and I guess, it'll reject the code to embed if it's not allowed.

What a winter! Funny, people will probably celebrate the tax day this year. Don't you think?

LASunsett said...


//Embedding, yes, it can be tried at no cost.//

You have to understand that I am an IT idiot. You obviously know more about it than I do.

As for tax day, I have no problem paying them if they are used for things like snow removal. But, I see so much waste that there is no call for.