Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All Charges Dropped In Duke Rape Case

By now, everybody has heard this. It should come as no surprise to anyone with half an ounce of gray matter between their ears.

When the case first broke, I was concerned that some spoiled brats from rich affluent families could have violated a girl in the manner in which it was presented to us. Only after seeing the details unfold did this begin to reek of a gross injustice. Only then, did I even post on it. Not only does this clearly illustrate the reason why people should not rush to judgment, it demonstrates the kind of outcome that can occur when you allow mob-rule to dictate actions, rather than the rule of law.

Lives have been ruined over this, but those that rushed to judgment probably will not suffer much. An exception to this may be DA Nifong, who used this as a campaign issue to get the black vote in his re-election bid. But overall, those that used this as a platform to bully him will not have to answer for this; they will likely get their usual pass from the media and the justice system, because of the racial component involved here.

But PYY issues no such passes. Therefore, for whatever it is worth, PYY is issuing the the following condemnations and is calling for the following things to happen:

PYY condemns the woman, Crystal Gail Mangum, who made up this farce for whatever reason she chose to do so. In additon to this, PYY calls for charges to be brought against her for perjury and filing a false police report.

PYY condemns the Prosecutor in this case, Mike Nifong. The reason this was such a circus to begin with, was clearly because this man shirked his sworn duties to uphold the law and apply it fairly to all individuals, regardless of race, creed, or national origin. He failed. In addition, he should step down as DA or be removed, if he refuses to do so. (Future cases will be affected, if this does not happen.) Then, he should be investigated by the NC AG for criminal misconduct. And the families should sue the hell out of him and force him to liquidate everything he owns, for violating these men's constitutional rights.

PYY condemns the all of those in the Duke University academic community that rushed to judgment and calls for each one that spoke publicly about this before the facts were known, to apologize in public. In addition, Duke University administrators should pick up the tab for any future education expenses, whether it's at Duke or not.

PYY condemns Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the Black Panther Militia for whipping up this frenzy. Realizing there is little legal recourse that can be taken against them, they still bear a great deal of responsibility in the events that have taken place over the last year, in this travesty of American justice. They should publicly apologize, Sharpton should have the three men and their families on his show and allow them to conduct their own inquisition against him, like he did with Imus. I do not know if Jesse has a show or not, but all he has to do is call a press conference and the media will flock to him. (He should also rescind his offer of a scholarship made to the woman, earlier, and in the same breaths that condemned these young men.) Real men with valued principles would do this, but they are the dictionary examples of hypocrisy and I will not hold my breath waiting for it to happen. As for the Militia, they are hatemongers that advance intolerance and create more ill-will than they cure. They too should apologize, and disband.

PYY condemns the feminists and women's groups that, along with the race-baiters, whipped this up into a frenzy. They should do the same thing, being asked of Sharpton, Jackson, and the Militia. But again, it's probably not going to happen.

PYY condemns the mainstream media that presented this in such a biased angle and gave an audience to these aforementioned groups and individuals. Their actions are most deplorable, because without media this case would have stayed local and most likely could have been resolved a long time ago. But with the extra attention it got, Mr. Nifong got drunk on the publicity and the attention that it brought to him personally. And being the quintessential politician that he has proven himself to be, he ate it all up, while he held the cards. The media enabled him to do this. If there is any possible case against those outlets that catalyzed this into the farce that it soon became, I would recommend they start looking at a settlement, now (SEE: Richard Jewell and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

If anything good can come out of this case (and again, I doubt there will), maybe it will be to discover the old concept of letting the justice system work, first, before there is a cry foul. There's nothing wrong with keeping pressure on our elected law enforcement officials, to see that the law is upheld and justice is done. But we, as a society, cannot allow thugs, miscreants, liars, those with a political angle, and the openly biased "dirty laundry" seeking media to prosecute people, while violating their rights. There must be accountability for those that poured fuel on this fire, as well as those that started it.


Greg said...

If there's one thing this story illustrates it's that there is no worse crime in left-wing America than to be a rich white male. These are the only people for whom we can comfortably destroy the presumption of innocence, without fear of criticism.

This is indeed a good time to expose the real criminals, the real social terrorists who seek to sow hate and discord among Americans. I'd start with the "Group of 88". Who are they? Well, mostly they are Duke professors from the "African & African-American Studies" Department (80% signed open letter supporting the lying prostitute), and the "Women's Studies" Dept. (72% signed). A majority of the Cultural Anthropology profs signed it. Hard left-wingers, to be sure. Let all those who think "all conservatives are bad" take a long, hard look at these bigotted race-baiters. Now, considering Imus is likely to lose his job over what he said, who will call for these professors to lose their jobs? Anyone?

Also, Duke President Richard Brodhead deserves special shame. His quote from a year ago: "If our students did what is alleged, it is appalling to the worst degree. If they didn’t do it, whatever they did is bad enough."

Literature professor Houston Baker also deserves singling out. He said, "[y]oung, white, violent, drunken men among us - [are] implicitly boasted by our athletic directors and administrators." "Racist pig professor of hate" is a better title for you, Mr. Baker.

Even worse than these professors, of course, is the lying prostitute. Let us all recall that she once accused 3 men (3 years after the "fact") of kidnapping her, taking her into the woods and gang raping her. The charges were never pursued b/c she was obviously lying. Even her father said so. She also accused her x-husband of kidnapping her, taking her into the woods and threatening to kill her. She failed to show in court and the charges were dropped. She also stole a taxi cab. At the time she accused these innocent young men, DNA tests found the "genetic material" of "at least" 3 men on her body. None of them were among the people she accused of gang raping her. In other words, she is a pathological liar, a thief, and a disgusting skank on top of it. I hope the media dogs her until she is forced to explain herself, but I am not holding my breath.

Oh, and the best part? She will not be charged. I heard on the news this morning that authorities will not charge her because "she has issues." You can't make this stuff up.

At least Nifong has been punished, and faces more punishment for his actions.

There are a couple of people who deserve some praise. In particular, Duke Provost Peter Lange and Duke Law Prof, James E. Coleman, Jr. The latter, a black man btw, said after investigation that he found that the team has exhibited "exemplary academic and athletic performance" and is "[n]either racist or sexist." About Nifong, he said, "I think that he pandered to the community by saying 'I'm gonna go out there and defend your interests in seeing that these hooligans who committed the crime are prosecuted. I'm not gonna let their fathers, with all of their money, buy you know big-time lawyers and get them off. I'm doing this for you.'" Good for you, Prof. Coleman.

Sorry for the long post, but obviously this whole mess hit a sore spot with me.

Greg said...

Hey, the Boston Globe printed an article worth reading! It's not everday that this happens, and it happens to be on this subject, so here it is....

Greg said...

Oh, but one thing is missing from the article. And from all the other articles (except LAS') I've read on the subject: THE LYING PROSTITUTE'S NAME.

Are they still trying to protect her?

LASunsett said...


Did you get to see this one?

Greg said...

LAS: thank you for that link. I had not seen that. It's tough for us to get anything other than left-wing propaganda around here for news. Al Sharpton has banned all news he deems "offensive" in Boston. Coming soon to a city near you.