Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Breaking: Prison Riot In Indiana

From WTHR.com comes this announcement, details are sketchy right now. This continues to develop.

This facility has recently started accepting inmates from Arizona. Those inmates are kept separate from the Indiana inmates. It is being reported that it is the AZ offenders that are involved.

Fires are burning, it has also been confirmed that two prison employees have been hurt.

State Police are being mobilized. I am sure the E-Squads from around the state are in route.

More as it develops (and I have time to cover it).


Here is a write-up in the Chicago Tribune that explains the situation, as it stands now, with a little more background on this facility.

Right now, it seems that things are dying out. But there are still inmates that are not in their areas, therefore the facility is not under control. This facility is not run by the Indiana DOC, but a company called GEO. They run facilities worldwide.


State Police have announced that the situation is in the process of being stabilized. As usual the press wants more. This appears to have started as a feud between the IN prisoners and the AZ prisoners.


Doesn't take long to hit the internet, does it? Here is the video of the event, at its height.

UPDATE Last One:

Well, things are slowly getting back to normal. The local media is trying to imply it too long to get things under control. Anyone with a basic knowledge of criminology, knows that you cannot storm a facility without knowing the situation, fully. There was no report of hostages, no reason to storm the place with guns a blazing. But I bet if they had, they'd be the first to condemn the use of excessive force.

That's the media for you. Now, you know why I they leave such a sour taste in my mouth.

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