Saturday, April 07, 2007

Memories Of April

It was one year today that the Sunsett family lost a dear cat that lived a long happy life. She was found in April, named April, lived 17 long years as April, and died last April.

Time passes so fast, sometimes. There are days when we still expect to see her in her favorite corner of the garage, in the house somewhere near a window with a sunbeam coming through it, or out on the patio on a warm day (like it was when this picture was shot).

The sad thing about having pets is they don't live long enough (the same is true for us too). But during the time they are here, they ask for so very little and give so much.

They greet you at the door, when you come home in their own special ways. A dog barks and jumps all over you as if to say:
Oh boy oh boy, I thought you'd never get back, oh boy oh boy. A cat comes out slickly, perches itself in a sitting pose for a second, then meows as if to say: Where the hell have you been? Don't you know I have been waiting for you all day? I have been with these dumbass dogs all day and this is the thanks I get? You could have at least called. Then he/she comes up to you, purrs, and demands you provide dinner for his/her inconvenience, all in the same motion.

When a dog hears something late at night outside your house, it barks as if to say: Someone's here, someone's here. Violation, violation. Alert, alert. Status code zero, repeat, status code zero. All sentries to the perimeter, all sentries to the perimeter. A cat sneaks up to you quietly, comes up to your face, and looks at you as if to whisper to you: Psst. Someone's here. Follow me to the red zone, we'll strike on my command. Be careful.

But no matter which kind of animal one prefers (I have had both), they are both less trouble than some people. They only ask to be fed, pottied, and to be wherever you are and contented to lay down peacefully in the same room with you (while doing whatever it is you are doing). They don't hit you up for money, the latest video game, or gas money. They don't come home late (mainly because they do not leave unless you let them go with you). They are always there, on call, and willing to change rooms with you, however often you wish to change them.

April was that cat. We still miss her, probably always will. But we are thankful for the time she was ours. And although we must now focus our attention on a geriatric Springer Spaniel (that lies motionless for hours at a time) and a neurotic Dachsund-Chihuahua mix (that thinks everything that hits the floor belongs to her), we still have time (every now and then) to imagine that we still see her lazing around, being an old contented cat that had it made.

Today is one of those days.


JPH said...

I had a cat, her name was " Chloé". She was agressive with everybody exept with me. But I have to say that a cat doesn t live in your house, YOU live in its own house and it tolerates your presence. Best Regards.

LASunsett said...

//I have to say that a cat doesn t live in your house, YOU live in its own house and it tolerates your presence.//

Except when it's feeding time, then you are the king of the world, no?

Anonymous said...

LA, you were kind enough to send me a message last July when I lost my Flocon and I did appreciate your sympathy.
He lived 17 years on my sides, that is about half of my adult life.
How true what you write about the way these friends welcome us when we're back. Mine used to jump on my shoulders as soon as I opened the door.
The hard time was when I had to carry him to the vet. He had developped a jaw gangrene and must be put to death cause there's nothing that could be done but alleviate his torments.
I didn't know that I would return alone from the vet. Boy, did I cry...

2 months after he was dead I took another kitten. Unfortunately that one had a kidney decease hence his life expectancy was very short. Then again I brought him to the vet a couple of weeks ago.
There was no real pain because I kept him only 6 months, nonetheless, it really sucks when you bring your innocent pets to their death...

2 times within 9 months... I hesitate before I take this reponsability once more...

See, LA, at least we share something in common... ;-)

Best regards


LASunsett said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, Flocon.

I am so sorry to hear about your kitten. It reminds me of when my daughter was a little girl and her kitten was found to have a feline leukemia. It broke her heart.

You said:

//See, LA, at least we share something in common//

I suspect we have more in common than one would initially think. We are both around the same age. We both bleed red blood, when we get a cut. And we all need to breathe the same air.

Our beloved Ms. Miami (whom I regularly disagree with too) once said on a SF thread, she was a human, first and foremost. I not only concur with that statement, I will add this:

Our nationalities, languages, and cultures may be different. But there are some immutable truths that are common to all people that inhabit this planet. Recognizing that we are all human is the beginning of finding those commonalities that we share.

Thanks again, sir. I do not know if you celebrate Easter or not, but I hope you have a good one, regardless.

Always On Watch Two said...

Of all the many cats which have lived with us, one was the most special: Honey-Bunny (aka Pooter), a flame-point Applehead Siamese. The day we had her euthanized--I was with her through it all--the vet said to me, "I've never seen such a bond between cat and mistress."

We were blest to have her with us for 19 years. I miss her every day! And she's been gone for nearly 10 years.

I understand every word of this posting, all too well.

Rocket said...

I love cats and all cute little critters. I'm sorry for your loss. Have you checked out Knut the polar bear cub who has become a cute little hero in the Berlin zoo.

Here is a video that I put on youtube of the cats in the Valencia Spain Jardin botanico. This is a botanical garden in Valencia where literally dozens of cats live wild. But some will come up to you for a kitty kiss

Always On Watch Two said...

Nice video! Those kitties look as if they're thriving.