Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parents And Sister Of VT Killer Silent; Grandfather Speaks

As new details are revealed about the deranged shooter, we have learned that he had a specific plan. This was not a reaction to any one specific incident, it was not an uncontrolled rage that led the depraved individual to strike down innocents. No one set him off. Quietly, he planned this with pinpoint accuracy and carried out the plan in a chillingly, determined and methodical manner. Many that lived to tell, have said that he looked professional.

Today, psychological experts everywhere will continue their efforts to explain why a person would do what he did. But, just how close are we to truly understanding what was in the mind of the killer and his motives? And how much does it really matter?

I do not know much about the parents of this deranged man except to note that the media has reported they were hospitalized with shock, not for suicide attempts as was first reported. Beyond this, there hasn't been much on them. But today, the Telegraph has published more information about the family life of the killer, with an interesting (yet more than likely, entirely irrelevant) twist to this tragic event.

THE sister of the gunman responsible for the deadliest shooting rampage in modern US history works as a contractor for a State Department office that oversees billions of dollars in American aid for Iraq.

Interesting, but this little plot sidetrack probably has little or no bearing on why this tragedy took place. And because the immediate family has made the decision to remove themselves from the limelight (and understandingly so), all that can be learned at this point is what can be pieced together. Ironically, his grandfather (who is far removed from the situation geographically because he lives in Korea) is the only one that has been quoted in this, so far.

Kim, 81, who lives in Kyonggi province outside Seoul, said he has had little contact with his daughter – the mother of the shooter – after they arrived in the United States.

Cho's parents ran a used-book shop in Seoul until they left for the United States.

"They bought the tiny shop with the money my son-in-law made in Saudi Arabia before he got married," Kim said.

The critical thinking side of me is wondering how this money was made, in Saudi Arabia. But before you deem me to be a paranoid right-winger, let me say there is no reason to go into this examination with any preconceived theories, based on one vague report. But in the interim period, I think that if we want to get any kind of understanding of this, we have to ask some pointed questions here. We need to learn more about everything involved here (at some point when the grieving process has advanced a little further). And while I strongly caution against getting stirred up over this particular bit of information, all info that comes up, needs to be looked at closely when the dust settles more.

As I said earlier, it's probably nothing. Right?

UPDATE (4-20-07)

More is coming out from the shooter's family. The Mirror has details.

THE grandfather of Cho Seung-Hui said yesterday: "Son of a bitch. It serves him right he died with his victims."

Sounds like little Cho has brought great grief and dishonor to the family name, back in the old country.


ms. miami said...

lasunsett- btw saudi arabia has a very large foreign workforce- especially for construction, retail, domestic servants, etc. (jobs that most saudis don't want to do). they also attract lots of engineer types from all over europe.

from what i've heard, people can make a lot of money in a few years if they choose to put up with being "housed" in enclosed campuses (to keep non-muslim influences away from the native population).

it's kind of like young guys that go work in the fishing industry in alaska for a few years just to make a hefty sum, then move on with their "real" career.

LASunsett said...


//saudi arabia has a very large foreign workforce- especially for construction, retail, domestic servants, etc. (jobs that most saudis don't want to do). they also attract lots of engineer types from all over europe.//

I fully understand this. I just want to know more about why he was there. If he worked an oil rig or was doing something else benign like that, okay. But I just want to know. I would approach this with the utmost caution due to the information you provided, but I would still approach.

Greg said...

When word of the massacre first broke, I immediately thought it was the work of a lone jihadi. That looks unlikely now, but who knows? His suicide tape is eerily like those of suicide jihadis, isn't it?

JPH said...

I will say I've no lesson to give on this subject .. I think you know why. For Greg, I don't think it is a jihadi. Well, I'm pretty sure. This man was a pshychopat. Well, it could be that a suicide jihadi is a psychopat too but it is not the same problem.
my best regards to all

A.C. McCloud said...

LA, I know a chopper pilot who made some real good money flying around the Kingdom, but I must admit when reading that phrase my reaction was the same as yours.

Anonymous said...

"The Mirror" is known as a tabloid.

Joe said...

Strange no report on whose credit card was used to buy the guns. Strange no information on how the killer's tuition and living expenses were paid. Unemployed, apparently hated rich and appears to come from low income background. Maybe the American taxpayers are behind this by paying his way!