Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brickyard Sunday

After last year's tire debacle and the economy being in shambles, some people are ready to cash it in or call in the cavalry:



All I can say is, neither one of them know jack about racing. They must be bored with their jobs.

It wasn't the fault of the IMS and Goodyear seems to have things corrected. So lighten up folks.

There have been critics of the race from the start, because the width of the track prevents a lot of passing. As if there is a lot in NASCAR, anyway.

Who knows? Maybe this is the case with these two wannabe racing writers. But, this race generates too much money to just be ready to punt after one bad year out of fifteen.

We'll see what they have to say afterward.

Stay Tuned.


I guess everything was to these two malcontents' (Wetzel and Fryer) liking. (Click on their names if you want to read their post-race write ups.)

They didn't retract anything they said in the previous columns. They mostly just reported on the race, which is probably closer to their job description anyway. They should leave the racing commentary to the pros, and those who have a feel for the sport.

One other gripe I have about the local media's coverage of the race:

This is not the Tony Stewart 400.

I know he is from Indiana. So is Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon grew up here also. But Tony Stewart is not NASCAR. And anyone that would idolize a crybaby who pouts after things do not go his way, needs to have a psychological mental status exam.

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