Monday, July 20, 2009

A Penny For Your Thoughts

More people are waking up to the reality that Obama has been playing the people, for fools. They are starting to realize that his policies are not rooted in sound judgment and are not at all effective, when implemented. But being the lawyers and overall depraved liars they are, they will not say so. In fact, they will use much double-talk/speak to confuse and befuddle the dumb masses.

Sometimes, there needs to be some clarity. There needs to be plain talk that most people can understand. No legalese, no BS, just give them something cogent and speak the truth. Do this and people will eventually see through the facade that has become the Obama Administration and Democratically-led Congress. Because both are synonymous with ineptness while intoxicated with temporal earthly power, and those kinds of leaders will not listen.

Here is something so easy to understand, so simple to articulate. Let's count some pennies:

The more we learn, the more we know. The more we know, the more we must ask whether we will continue to tolerate the current course this government is taking. Poll after poll shows Congress being in the sewer. Obama's job performance ratings are trending down, as well. It won't be long when they may intersect.

The goal should be to keep pressure on Blue Dog Democrats to reject support for the healthcare overhaul that threatens to destroy the industry as we know it. It's the one thing that is certain to sink the economy through an enormous debt (unheard of in the history of the American nation).

Time to stop thinking, time to start letter writing. Let them all know that 2010 is around the corner. If enough people can get through to them, some of them may get the idea and exercise some sense (if they wish to stay in office). People are not happy and need to communicate this with their elected officials. And if they fail, more people will feel justified in voting them out.

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Chuck said...

It is already happening. There are a lot of Dems that are real nervous about this legislation. Remember that a lot of these Dems that are on the fence were elected in 2004 in right leaning districts because the voters thought (rightfully so at the time) that their GOP Representative were idiots. Now they have to try to keep those not so safe seats.

Z said...

I was excited about the Blue Dogs (and still am, somewhat, because at least they're trying to block this thing and we need to accept any help we can get) until I heard some this morning on TV saying the reason they're hesitant about this overhaul is COST.
I'd SO prefer them at least MENTION the constitution or how we want Americans NOT reliant on GOVERNMENT.
But, we have to take whatever we can get, don't we.

Z said...

Oh, Oops! I'm BAACK!
And Chuck's right; the Blue Dog I heard today was from OK and most of what he talked about was how Conservative his constituency was and how they voted for mcCain by 66%. Well, Americans need to GROW UP and realize this new health care bill is yet ANOTHER reason we can't risk voting for Dems no matter HOW Conservative they SOUND. I'll bet they really 'showed their Republican candidate they didn't like too much', huh? Now look what they did.

Anonymous said...

Blue Dog Democrats are playing a game. The name of this game is, "What will I get to sweeten my tea if I hold out against regular democrats just a little longer?"

And that's how you describe integrity in the Congress of the United States of America.