Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Funnies

Not everyone thinks Steven Wright is funny, but it's safe to assume that I do. His jokes aren't extremely deep, his one-liners are often laced with irony. And in my opinion, irony usually makes for good comedy.

Here is a short clip from one of the Comic Reliefs:



Anonymous said...

Humor, or its absence, reveals much about us as individuals and even as a society. There are some cultures devoid of humor … and I’ve often wondered how that is possible. In western societies, we publish witty and comedic books, but there are countries that do not do this at all. Dour bastards.

And so much goes in to humor; irony, sarcasm, ludicrous word pictures, and even being mean can produce laughter … such as that time when Sunset —oh, never mind. I promised I wouldn’t tell.

Now I worry because Mr. Wright made me laugh; I worry because of the possibility that I am as mentally dysfunctional as Sunset.

Leslie said...

Oh so funny. I enjoy sarcastic humor as well as ironic humor.

*Bummer Mustang...was hoping for another expose...

Anonymous said...

Mustang writes:

//I worry because of the possibility that I am as mentally dysfunctional as Sunset.//

I think you should be arrested for impersonating a friend. When LA and I speak, he always speaks favorably about you and your accomplishments -- with nary a negative word or tone, and no sarcasm.

But you have dishonored the man who entered your name to be eligible for a chance to meet Sgt Slaughter. You have insulted all those people who love and respect Mr. Sunsett and it cannot go unchecked, any longer.

To preserve Mr. Sunsett's honor, I am challenging you to a steel cage match -- best 2/3 falls, no disqualifications. Don't try and run Mustang. This is it. This settles it all once for all (until the rematch if the ratings are high enough).

My attorney will be contacting your attorney.

Vince McMahon

Anonymous said...

//*Bummer Mustang...was hoping for another expose...//

You may want to beware the knight. For he stabbeth the backs unaware. He driveth the wedges subtely, but surely. Today it is me, tomorrow he may turn on you.

Sir Lancelot
Round Table Commander