Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sounds like a great title for a movie, starring Bruce Willis. Right? Well, it's more like an appropriate adjective for this current government.

Here, a fine specimen of recklessness, John Conyers shows why he is a typical bottom feeding politician from Detroit (which is comparable to one from Chicago):

Earth to Conyers:

Why bother to read it? Then, why bother to write it? Why bother to vote on it? What if it contained language that eliminated your district and put you out of a job. But you wouldn't know that unless you read the bill, would you?

I doubt he is reading this, so let's consider something else, shall we?

Not only are these snake oil peddlers arrogant in their assertions, they are hypocritical as well. Take a moment and listen to this interview of Obama, from 2004:

Another instance of it only counts, when I say it counts.

Look, these people are tromping on the people and counting us as ignorant peasants, who have no say in what they do. Most of them are quite content to posture for the cameras, attend meetings, and look important. They do not care about the lasting impact their votes have, on the people they represent. If they did, they would take the time to weigh every action they take, carefully and deliberately.


Greg said...

Dude, there is a reason that Zero's "negatives" are now over 50%. People are no longer pickin up what he's puttin down. Everything he says turns out to be a lie: stimulus will quickly create jobs, Obamacare will not kill our private insurance, if we're nice the mullahs, they will behave nicely. When the Dems and their leader aren't taking Americans for idiots, they are getting caught in scandals (eg., Dodd's mortgage), making racist remarks (eg., Boxer), slandering the police, beating up on our allies... And then there's Joe Biden - always good for a fuck-up.

The Democrats are tripping all over their dick, while the Republicans do nothing. Amazing.

LASunsett said...

You seem frustrated Greg. Care to talk about it? ;)

Greg said...

hahahaha. Actually, I've been feeling great. The Democrats are making fools of themselves. Summer weather has finally arrived. I have a good job. I have a new badass car. Women dig me. Life is good, man! :)