Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Nightmare On Healthcare Street

Want to simulate dizziness and vertigo without mind altering substances?

Take a look at this flow chart that represents Obamacare.

Be sure that when you click into the link, you are sitting down. PYY is not responsible for any injuries you may incur if you view this while standing up. As always, it is not a good idea to view this if you have been drinking or are on certain prescription narcotics. Do not mix with sedatives or stimulants, to include double shots of espresso. Void where prohibited.


Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that disclaimers of the type posted at this usually well-informed blog aren’t worth spit; this according to Blacks Legalist and Bar Tender’s Guide. On page 413 of the guide, “A disclaimer will not release anyone from allegations of criminal behavior or negligence. Most disclaimers aren’t worth spit.”

In this particular case, the chart does endanger the viewing public, the bloggist knew this, and knowingly and willfully posted (or linked to) the information anyway. Therefore, this bloggist unnecessarily subjects him/her to serious legal jeopardy. He may have acted irresponsibly and intentionally hateful, mean, and cantankerous. Accordingly, we must assume that who ever provides legal advice to this bloggist isn’t worth spit, either. A case like this might be worth millions.

For free legal consulting, check the Yellow Pages for a certified attorney who is not serving time in a federal penitentiary, or the U. S. Senate. Or, call 866-JD1-SCAM to find one of our offices near you.


Benchley Settles Esq.
Lead litigant
Tippecanoe Legalists and Alienists, PA

Anonymous said...

Cantankerous ... is that another way of saying 'bastard'? I'm feeling dizzy, headachy, crabby, and bloated. I need to barf, too.

E. Cartman

Rocket said...

Dear Sir

I read your attached link and have found myself under medical supervision since. The nice people here at the hospital have asked me to put on a white jacket. I suppose they want me to look nice for a picture. However since I am American and you have brought on this sudden and I hope temporary insanity you will be hearing from my lawyer who by the way is from Southern Florida as I have decided to lawyer up. Palm Beach County lawyer to be exact so I would advise you to watch your ass as I have asked for an exemplary condemnation with high monetary compensation.

If you think Madoff is doing some serious time in the big house wait till you you see what awaits you.

name withheld by request

Tom said...

And just think - this is the simplified plan!!

Now where did I put the Pepto...

Anonymous said...


Your title is a play on the film Nightmare on Elm Street, which is protected intellectual property under my direct supervision. I hereby demand you remove that title immediately, or face the consequences.


Loon. E. Toone
Hollywood Squares Properties
and Gay Boys Entertainment, Inc.

Anonymous said...


Glenn Beck had this graphic on his program earlier this evening. A guest indicated that at the present time, the government already controls 50% of health care monies. I guess that isn't enough.

The good news, I suppose, is that you stand to make a fortune on this, just like Al Gore is capitalizing on the climate change fluke. Your ship has come in, my friend.

And believe me ... you ARE my friend.

Semper Fi

PS. Who are these people commenting on your blog? Weird, man. If I were you, I'd keep my eye on "Tom."

Leslie said...

Yikes...I clicked before reading the disclaimer!!!

Now my jaw hurts from hitting the floor. Leave it to the government to make such a complicated map to the destruction of the best Healthcare System in the WORLD!

LASunsett said...


When threatening the host of a blog in the same manner that the puke Benchley Settles has done, it is a good practice to click the "Anonymous" option before you hit publish.

Just trying to help you in future threats you may want to make. ;)

LASunsett said...

I am not sure Tom, but we store our Pepto is next to the Alka-Seltzer and the Tums.

LASunsett said...

//Glenn Beck had this graphic on his program earlier this evening. A guest indicated that at the present time, the government already controls 50% of health care monies. I guess that isn't enough.//

Hmmm. I guess Beck reads PYY.

I had this posted well before his show hit the air. Maybe Mr. Settles would like another case, where he could actually have a chance to get blood out of something other than a turnip.

But what concerns me is that you feign being surprised that the government wants more control. Or are you just being extra sarcastic? I guess cutting the grass makes you even more so than usual?

Tom said...

LA - You really need to look out for Mustang. ;-) Of course, you already know this since you have spent time with him at his abode.

Mustang - You are still my friend and one of my favorite Marines. God help me if I ever get on your bad side.

Me - I'm harmless...I just changed the graphic from a lighthouse to something a little more dramatic.

By the way, I did find the Pepto, but gave it up for a Sam Adams - much more enjoyable.

Rocket said...


Maybe no lawsuit but I hope the Colts finish in last place.

No more visits to Indiana for me.