Saturday, December 19, 2009

Another Blast From The Past

Once again, it's the Yuletide season and time for the annual PYY Christmas extravaganza. This week we feature some excellent modern Christmas tunes, with modern being from my lifetime.

I did the studio version of this one last year. This year I found a live video from about 15 years ago:

Originally done by Brenda Lee, I think these girls do an excellent job of covering this Christmas classic:

Another Brenda Lee classic was redone by two guys who really rocked the 80s, with their unique rock and roll style:

Laugh if you want. But next to A Christmas Carol, my favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express. If you have never seen this movie and have hardened yourself to the magical nature of Christmas, you need to see it.

I was able to see this movie again last weekend with my grandson. I must admit that he has partially been responsible for my regeneration from a Grinch to one who looks forward to the season. And as I watched it with him, I found this song from the movie still moves me greatly:

Someday my little one will no longer believe in Kris Kringle. But when that day comes, I will teach him what my father once told me. It was the same thing that I passed onto my children, when that moment in time came: Santa Claus is the spirit of giving.



Chuck said...

I have to give AJ and Ally credit, it was not bad. I still think the Brenda Lee version was much better.

GM Roper said...

Arrrrgh, I'm a day late, but a very happy birthday my friend.

LASunsett said...


I have heard of those two, but am not familiar with their music. But I get the feeling, this really wasn't their usual style.


Thank you sir.