Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 28 - Broncos 16

The thing about listening to a game on the radio for three quarters is you are at the mercy of the play-by-play announcers. Usually biased, they are pretty reliable of painting an accurate picture of how bad your team is playing when they are stinking up the field.

It seemed to be a tale of three games: The Colts dominating for most of the first half, the Broncos for most of the second half, and the Colts gutting out a game-winning drive in the final minutes to seal it. Essentially, the Indy offense did just enough in the opening of the game. But they did everything they could to hand it to Denver until that late drive. The only thing that kept the Broncos from dismantling Indy in their own stadium was the Indy defense, who gutted things out when it was necessary.

From the start of the second half, the Colts' defense gave up a lot of yards. They allowed the Bronco offense to move the ball at will, but made some significant plays to keep the Kyle Orton show from racking up a massive tally of points.

Manning didn't help matters much. Two interceptions could be flukes seeing how they were tipped. But he did throw one into a bad situation that resulted in a pick, and generally was off in most of the other throws that didn't end up in the hands of a Bronco. As I got home to view the lion's share of the fourth quarter, it was hard to believe that I was watching the same game the announcers were calling on the radio.

Here's the thing I need to stress. The Colts are living by the sword and running a risk of dying by it. They seem to put just enough good football together in a game to eke it out. But what's going to happen when the sword falls the other way one day, and it doesn't work out?

Winning is good, even if it's by the smallest of margins, But it's heartbreaking to fall short, when it counts most. And the history of the Indianapolis Colts bears this out.

Vikings 30 - Bengals 10

I have a friend at work who cannot wait to rub it in, when Favre loses. Last week he said that the Vikings aren't that good when they play teams above .500.

I hope I see him today.

Pats 20 - Panthers 10

NE could not afford to let this one slip away. Carolina is not good and NE is better than their record indicates. I don't care what Greg and the experts say, they will probably send someone home early from the playoffs. They may not go all the way, but some team may not live up to its potential one day and it will coast them a season. I know I don't want to have the Colts play them first.

The Pats should win out to close the season.

Saints 26 - Falcons 23

Atlanta is not the same team without Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. New Orleans barely squeaked this one out. This is why I cannot decide who will emerge from the NFC, them or the Vikes.

Titans 47 - Rams 7

Back to winning big against a lousy team. There is little doubt that Tennessee would be a play off team this year, if it had stuck Young in sooner.

Skins 34 - Raiders 13

Hooray for Rocket. Enjoy it now because the last three games are not going to be pretty.

Next week, I will try a different format to post the NFL commentary. Quite frankly, I am getting tired of this one.


Rocket said...


I really see your guys going all the way!

Rocket said...

Skins 34 - Raiders 13

Hooray for Rocket. Enjoy it now because the last three games are not going to be pretty.


How about the Pittsburg meltdown!

Greg said...

Rocket: I picked up that nifty young RB on the Redskins for my fantasy team, and was so glad I did! I think I'll keep him.

As for my team's game, eh. Carolina sucks, and it was way too close. But Brady is obviously hobbled. They had better keep winning or they won't make the playoffs. I think one more loss and the Pats are out. :(

As for the Saints-Falcons game, Falcons win with Matt Ryan in there. The Saints are definitely vulnerable. Too bad they don't play anyone good the rest of the way. In fact, they had a damned easy schedule this year.

On the other hand, the Colts have played a respectable schedule and have to be considered the best in the NFL at this point. Hard to to imagine someone going into Indy and winning during the playoffs....

Greg said...

suggestion for new format: on friday, everyone gives their predictions for who will win and/or what the big storylines will be. on monday, we get to see who was right....

LASunsett said...

Rocket and Greg,

As to Indy's chances in the playoffs, they are as good as any. But I just know the history too well after resting players. The year we won it, we had to play all the way through, including the Wild Card Round.

It looks like we will rest them this year and thus my apprehension. I can't argue with the decision, because if one of the stars were to get hurt during a meaningless game, there would be hell to pay in Colts Country.

As for the new format Greg mentioned, I am game. Look for a post on Friday, to be followed by the crow eating on Sunday. ;)