Monday, December 21, 2009


Well, the blog host is 6-3 on his picks, with the last game to be played tonight.

The biggest surprise is the drubbing Minnesota received in Carolina last night. I didn't see it, but to lose to the Panthers this year isn't what a team wants. Dallas over New Orleans was a surprise, as well. But when the Cowboys play together, they are a mediocre team capable of upsetting great ones that aren't playing up to snuff. And what the hell was going on in Denver's heads? I cannot believe they lost to the lowly "full of disarray" Oakland Raiders.

The rest of the games went pretty much as I expected.

I had to feel bad for Miami, as I watched a good portion of their game. They played their hearts out, but fell just short to the Titans in OT. The Dolphins QB, Chad Henne, may keep the his job next year and Pennington may be the #2 (or on another team, altogether).

I do not feel bad for Green Bay losing on a pass play for a TD with no time left on the clock. I am not much of a Steelers fan, either. But they are pretty much toast and loved nothing more than seeing the Packers fall in a heartbreaker. Big Ben had over 500 passing yards, to lose it would have been tragic.

Well that's all I got to see and hear. We have adopted Greg's suggestion and we all see who participated. ;)

Now it's your turn.


Rocket said...

I saw the Minnesota game and they had absolutely no secondary when it counted. Plus Favre is starting to get panicky with his passes. Fatigue may be taking it's toll.

Skins vs Giants tonite. No way I'm staying up to 2:30am to watch it. (well maybe not)well maybe. Oh shit I can't decide.

LASunsett said...

//Plus Favre is starting to get panicky with his passes. Fatigue may be taking it's toll.//

The scuttlebutt going around the sports pundit world is that Childress wanted to bench him last night, but Favre refused. Hard to believe that Favre carries that much power within an organization that he can refuse to be benched.

As you say, fatigue may very well be an issue.

Moving along to another angle of this post: As we can see, it's status post 84 hours since the Friday prediction post and we have yet to hear from Greg. If anyone has seen him, please have him report in. We may need to send in rescue squads to dig him out of the snow.

A.C. McCloud said...

Funny, I watched three quarters of the Titans-Dolphins and with them up 24-9, decided to get some honey-do's completed. The final was rather shocking when I checked it on the web later, needless to say.

But really, the way the Colts are playing does it matter? ;-)

LASunsett said...

//But really, the way the Colts are playing does it matter?//

Win out and get some help, there's still a chance Tenn can make the playoffs.

Obob said...

my beloved Bears, whoa is me

LASunsett said...

//my beloved Bears, whoa is me//

It could be worse, Obob. Cleveland and Detroit are two northern industrial cities with crappy NFL teams.