Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday AM QB

Colts 27 - Titans 17

I keep hoping the Colts will drop one to get the pressure off, but I find myself cheering for them anyway. This would have been the game I would have bet against my team, but it's a good thing I do not bet on sports.

The Titans had some chances after a fast start by Indy, but couldn't take advantage. Decisions to go for it late on 4th down put the game out of range when they could not convert. Had they kicked the FGs, the score would have been 27-23 and that was enough to put them into a position to win it, on their last possession.

But that wasn't the only problem Tennessee had. There were a lot of dropped passes by Titan receivers and the Colts defense did a good job of keeping Chris Johnson from breaking a big one. He got 113 yards on 27 carries, but his longest was only for 11 yards.

Next week the Colts get Denver at home and Tennessee gets St. Louis in Nashville.

Bengals 23 - Lions 13

Didn't see any of this one. Cincy pretty much has the AFC North locked up, but they must guard against lackadaisical play down the stretch if they want to have any chance to wrap up a bye.

Saints 33 - Skins 30

Didn't see it, saw frequent scores, and Washington was ahead most of the way. Networks picked up the last part of the game with the score Wash 30 - NO 23. Washington had a chance at a chip shot to seal it with less than 2:00 to go and they missed it. Then the bastards cut away to the Dallas - Giants game. Through frequent updates I learned, NO took over and Brees took them down for a TD to tie. NO then beat them in OT.

Thus ends the weekly Rocket ache and pain report.

Dolphins 22 - Pats 21

I don't know what to think here. Maybe Brady was hurt or like Greg says, they just aren't that good this year. Is the defense missing Seymour that much? Whatever, the Pats road woes continue.

Cardinals 30 - Vikings 17

Arizona is making a late season case for being a team to reckon with in the playoffs once again. But I am surprised Favre and company let this one get this far out of hand. Old man Warner still knows how to play too.


Greg said...

Pats aren't good from top to bottom. Maybe they miss Seymour b/c they have no pass rush. None. The offensive coordinator should be fired. Ben Watson hasn't had a pass thrown to him in a month. Any crappy QB can thrown on the cornerbacks all day. Brady isn't hitting open receivers, and is making poor decisions. Belichick gave away 3 points. Can't win on the road. Not a good team.


Rocket said...

What can I say? I caught the end of the game as they cut in to show it. This year, any way the Skins can find a way to lose they will do it.

Wide right on a 23 yd FG. Puleeasse!

is this Pee wee league or what!

Jim Zorn looked like he was in dream world at the end of the game. I actually felt pity for his facial expression or lack therof

Greg said...

Fire that Redskins kicker now! Seriously!

A.C. McCloud said...

I also think Fisher blew it by going for it on 4th twice. He needed a field goal anyway.

Rocket said...


"Fire that Redskins kicker now! Seriously!"

I suggest a couple of years in the goulag!

LASunsett said...

Yeah Greg and AC,

I am scratching my head trying to understand what it is with coaches these days, going for it on 4th down so much.

My stepson will be a GA Tech grad in about 2 wks, naturally we watch a lot of GT football around here. Their coach Paul Johnson goes for it a lot. Belichick seems to like it and now Fisher is doing it more.

It's brilliant when it works.

Greg said...

LAS, going for it on Sunday in the red zone was so retarded. There is absolutely no justification for it. I think Belichick is just out-thinking himself. It's not complicated - take the 3 points and extend your lead. Pats would have won the game. Going for it on 4th down can make sense, but you have to look at the situation.