Monday, December 28, 2009


NYJ 29 - Indy 15

Staying true to their plan, the Colts showed they cared little about an undefeated season. Coaches and management deemed it necessary to pull many of the key starters in the second half, having locked up the #1 seed in the AFC. And that was their decision, like it or not.

It was soon easy to see that Curtis Painter does not take enough quality snaps in practice to be ready to rally a team against another one that needs the win, just to stay alive. He is not ready for the big time just yet. Having said this, I must call out the Indianapolis fans at the game who showed the same utter classlessness that one expects in Oakland, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh -- not in Indy.

There is no need to boo a third string rookie QB, who has only preseason games on his resume.

It was not his fault, he was only doing what was asked of him and getting some OJT, in the process. He's no slouch. He was a standout at Vincennes (IN) Lincoln High School and Purdue. It's his first damned game as a pro. (As I recall, John Elway was benched after his first three games as a pro.)

To put it bluntly, I am stunned that the fans in this city would stoop to such a low level. This is not a case of poor play by a veteran player or stupid play calling by the coaching staff. So let it be known that I am ashamed to be in the same fan base and breathing the same air as these low-life pukes.

Painter will be a good QB someday, but I wouldn't be too sure it will be here in Indianapolis. I know if I were him, I'd be looking for a trade down the road and hope to have the opportunity to come back to Lucas Oil Stadium just to stick in the asses of those same ignorant pukes.

That's all I have this week. Feel free to comment on the other games while I wash my hands of the dirty bacterial stench that comes with being associated with the classless vermin, who present themselves as Colts fans. I hope everyone of them get rashes.


Tom said...

Indy fans were expecting a run at an undefeated season. Can't blame them for expressing their disappointment, but there were better ways than to hang the blame on Painter.

I know I was disappointed - I wanted them to have a perfect regular season - but I didn't boo, hiss, or stomp my feet like a little brat.

Rocket said...

Was there only one game in the NFL yesterday LA? Hey Greg. Alors heureux? The Giants go down bigtime.

LASunsett said...


Part of me understood the desire for the undefeated season and the other part of me understood the need to sit the starters late in the game, which was essentially meaningless.

But to behave like Philly fans is a bit much for my tastes. My point in this rant was/is that there will be life after Manning. Manning will not be here forever. And if Indy fans want that life after Manning to be reasonably decent, you don;t piss off the one that could be your QB of the future. Because, honestly, it isn't Sorgi.

LASunsett said...


I started watching the NE-Jax game, I fell asleep because NE whipped their asses, as I expected them to do.

Like I said earlier (to Greg's disagreement), NE is a team that will need to be reckoned with in the playoffs. They will do some damage and might stand a chance to win it all.

Oh...I almost forgot:

Washington got beat by the Cowboys....again...happy now? ;)

Greg said...

I agree with Tom that the Indy fans were booing the decision to sit the stars and forgo the undefeated season/end the winning streak. This is the way the Colts do it, though, so it was not a surprise. And I could personally advise each Indy fan how a SB win is way more delicious than a chance at 19-0. Had Peyton stayed in and got hurt, then I wonder who the boo-ers would feel. I bet they would have booed.

Too bad the Colts had to lose to the Jets, though. How 'bout Rex Ryan counting his team out last week, when in reality, they completely controlled their destiny? Ha. He is so overrated, that guy.

Glad my team is in the playoffs.

Rocket, yes I am also glad the listless Giants got pummeled at home by a crappy team with nothing to play for. I will always and forever hate the Giants. They got what they deserve: elimination from the playoffs. :)

LASunsett said...

//I agree with Tom that the Indy fans were booing the decision to sit the stars and forgo the undefeated season/end the winning streak.//

While I know that was probably the motivation behind the booing, a kid got thrown in and had a chance to make some plays. All he heard was boos.

They were not specified boos, they did not have "coaching decision" addressed on them. They were boos.