Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Blast From The Past

I have certainly made known my extreme fondness of great music over the past few years. One of the best artists I have ever heard is one who is not extremely well-known in America. I partly think that is because many have thought him to be very close to the style of Mark Knopfler, the frontman for Dire Straits.

Let me say, I think Knopfler is a very talented artist worthy of all accolades he has received heretofore. But I think that when you listen all of the music, Chris Rea has a much more versatile sound. I think he does much better at blending more traditional folksy blues-based rock, with excellent brass accompaniment.

I know I have featured Mr. Rea's music before, but I think he is well worth another one. First up is a song that has such an outstanding arrangement that it will have you tapping your foot right along. See what you think:

The same perfect mixture of brass and strings is also present in this next tune. Even the Colonel might want to go out dancing after hearing this one:



Anonymous said...

Finally, you get it right again; a bimonthly event. Rhea is a great performer and I completely agree with your assessment and may have even detected a bit of David Bowie. Well, a little.


LASunsett said...

The beauty of music is that it holds different meanings, messages, and sounds to different people. Myself, I do not hear Bowie as much as you or others may, but that's why music is such an intrinsic art form.

During the few years I have known you, I have picked up on distinct patterns of the things that you like and can usually predict what you will and will not like, based on that knowledge. I have to say the only time you really surprised me was when you kinda sorta said you liked the INXS post. I had a bruise on my chin for a week, after my mouth hit the floor.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "extreme fondness," it would appear that another of your heart throbs is gaining weight.

Just saying ...

Your friend,


Anonymous said...


I chew you up and speet you out like a speetball, you little @#$%&*!!!


Z said...

Anon's right..some Bowie, and in the second one, some Robt Plant Honeydrippers ...
you're right about good brass...

really nice stuff.
I'm a HUGE knoplfer/Dire Straits fan.

LASunsett said...


I think Rea carries a tune much better than Bowie.