Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Progressively More Confused?

I am amazed that many progressive elitists are unable to grasp a minimal understanding of the current public anger. Just by listening to their comments in the media:

....and other blogs' comments section:

I'm not sure what the specific ideology of the Tea Party is because the movement clearly isn't monolithic. I think it goes something like this:

1. American exceptionalism means we can whack anyone who doesn't give us their resources or refuses to finance our debt.

2. Tax cuts. But spend like Bush and Reagan, deficits are irrelevant.

3. Stop the homos.

4. Stop free expression.

5. Figure out how to deport the illegals.

If you would like to correct me I'd be willing to read it since this "movement" is nebulous at best

....it's becoming more apparent they are either missing a key component, or they are acting out in an avoidant manner. Maybe it's because they want to block some perceived trauma from their collective psyches and they are repressing negative emotion. from some less than favorable feedback.

But I bet it's far more than that. Most likely... it is fear. It's fear of the message, which they clearly they perceive is one of intolerance and social injustice.

Take the list the progressive commenter on Z's blog for instance and note how he felt it necessary to use a variety of fallacies, to describe his perceived message of the Tea Party Movement. Lets' take a closer look at it and see if we can dispel any inherent myths that have been ingrained into the commenter's mind, one that seems prone to misinterpretation. Let's use his own words and learn the real message, shall we?

1. American exceptionalism means we can whack anyone who doesn't give us their resources or refuses to finance our debt.

Nowhere will we find a tea party member that feels this is a valid belief. The truth is, tea partiers believe in using the military judiciously to protect the citizens of the U.S. from further attacks (like the ones on 9/11/01). This is merely a weak attempt by the progressive, to twist the objectives and paint America as a exploitative imperialist nation.

2. Tax cuts. But spend like Bush and Reagan, deficits are irrelevant.

He's wrong again. Tea party followers are for tax cuts and cuts in spending. There's no arguing that Bush and Reagan did this, but he only brings this up to displace the attention from the issue at hand. (But, but, but..... Bush and Reagan did this and that....etc.)

Bottom line here, we aren't talking about Reagan and Bush, and he knows it. That's why he tries to switch topics.

He doesn't believe that we should cut spending either. In fact, the moment that any spending is cut, he will cry foul. He will call the implementers of these cuts insensitive and immoral. He will start telling us all, just how people will soon be suffering..... homeless and starving in the streets.

3. Stop the homos.

From what?

I find nothing that would indicate tea party members are angry haters of gays and want to them stop anything. But, I will state that many are tired of having the gay lifestyle shoved down out their throats. Many do not want to hear about other people's sex lives, even if they are heterosexual. This isn't prudish, this isn't discrimination. And just because many aren't signing onto support gay marriage, it does not follow that tea partiers hate gay people.

4. Stop free expression.

There is no evidence of this either.

In fact, it has been the progressives who have tried to silence the tea party movement at almost every turn. They have used ridicule and insults in a weak and feeble attempt to silence us. They have called us racists, homophobes, and the White House has even gone as far to declare war on a media outlet, to stop extensive fair coverage of this movement. That is bullying, something progressives have always been fond of doing (to those who merely disagree with their ideology).

5. Figure out how to deport the illegals.

The writer of this point is right on this one. He even uses the proper nomenclature. But don't let him fool you, he doesn't care that they are illegal. He feels they have a right to invade our country by cutting in line and are entitled to be on the welfare rolls when they get here.

Why? Because we are a rich country and we owe them something they are not able to attain in their country. This is the entire of the progressive movement, simple wealth redistribution. Take from the rich and give to the poor -- even to those who have the ability to work, but will not help themselves.

How much money has been given to Mexico over the years to develop their economy? Is it developed? If not, why isn't it?

I am sorry, but people who are here illegally are not my problem. There are people who are American citizens that need help and cannot get it because the system is saturated with illegal aliens. That's not conjecture, it is fact. Ask any inner-city healthcare worker. It's out of control and tea party members are wanting to stop it.

I doubt the commenter will understand this thinking. He (and others like him) may not want to understand. They will not open their eyes to seeing that Washington is out of control, drunk with power, and needs to be kept packed with fresh meat to be more successful.

The tea party mentality isn't hard to figure out at all.

It is a spontaneous movement that rose out to communicate displeasure with the way the government was acting. The reason they still exist is because Washington didn't listen. Now, Washington needs to be turned back over to the people and the states that make up this union.

We understand that no system of government is perfect, and there may be problems associated with a wholesale turnover like the one we desire. But we also know that there will be an evaluation period followed by an evaluation. It's called an election. If they do not do as they say, we can (and will) work to vote THEM out.

We do not need a face....or any designated leader, for that matter.

We are a committee of many who have differing views within the entity, but yet we recognize the need to stop the madness of the big things, before we can debate the little ones. We also need to think about each and every issue that affects us, and we must look at the answer to each problem as the one that provides for the most freedom.

We must have laws and they must be obeyed. But we must re-embrace the foundations of freedom, ones that allow us the most choices for our own lives.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

Ducky, like the rest of the left, thinks that anyone who campaigns against illegal aliens is a racist. The fact that people are here illegally is okay to the left because we are (Gasp!), white imperialists and this flood of illegal aliens will ‘level the playing field.’

Honestly, I am so sick of hearing that crap.

I think that no matter what their political persuasion, most Americans really have little tolerance for politicians and government. Sadly, this detachment has allowed politicians to seize our government for their own nefarious purposes and the not so bright … e.g., Ducky and the true racists in our country accept leftist drivel as though it originated from on high.


LASunsett said...

//Ducky and the true racists in our country accept leftist drivel as though it originated from on high.//

I don't doubt there are many good people who truly believe that helping people through government spending is a good thing. But as we know, there is a right way to help and a wrong way to help.

Bush wasn't nearly as dumb as he was portrayed in the media. His terminology "soft bigotry of lowered expectations" was a pretty good coined phrase. But I don;t think the bigotry he describes is very soft, in reality.

A.C. McCloud said...

Lefties mostly live in a world of a coming Utopia on earth, which always leaves them frustrated when it doesn't come. Especially now with total Dem control. Righties largely live in a realistic world. Extremes of either side are bad, but I think most Americans come down more towards the right side.