Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Of Notable Note

Once again, we have just observed something that is too obvious to ignore. We have heard the story of Mr. Rahm Emanuel calling someone retarded, which is not an endearing term these days. We then saw Sarah Palin type out a Facebook posting condemning it and calling for Mr. Emanuel's dismissal.

As we know, it is unlikely that Rahm will be going anywhere...anytime soon. But it does show that Mrs. Palin can type, hit the send button, and the White House goes into full-speed damage control.

All hail the "power of the pen" and may it forever be protected.


Anonymous said...


Everyone inside the beltway is effing retarded, including the White House Chief of Staff. Why are you billing this as news? I mean, have we gotten to the point where we cannot even trust Political Yin and Yang any longer?

I'm telling you, 21 Dec 2012 and we're all toast.

Your best friend,


HoosierArmyMom said...

I have been deeply disappointed by Ms. Palin's decision to campaign for the biggest RINO on earth, John McPain. Now she is playing politics using "political correctness". There are so many issues to hammer these people on! I'm not sure I appreciate the maneuver.

My foster sister is a dear and has a better work ethic than most of the people I know, but she is retarded. I hear people use the word to imply that someone is not living up to their potential all the time. The only time I would choose to take offense is if someone used it as an insult directed at her! Then you'd see a butt kickin. My point is, Rahm is guilty of way more serious crimes against the people of the US than calling someone's idea "retarded".
Why is Palin using this to call for his resignation??? I think it is covered by free speech. Isn't she acting like a left-winger?

But in light of what you said about Sarah types, hits enter and throws the WH into the damage control shuffle... well, yes that does have comedic value indeed.

Mustang said...

I happen to agree with Mr. Sunset's point that ... um ... whatever he said.

Eric, you are a dick. Leave Mr. Sunset alone. Go leave comments at HAM's blog for a change.

HAM, I think your point is spot on. You could be Sunset's Vice President. I'm sure you agree with his point that ... um ... whatever he said.

Semper Fi

LASunsett said...

1. Cartman is a puke. I trust Gunny's judgment on this.

2. HAM - You can look at this several different ways. But the way i choose to look at it is exposing their hypocrisy. They, including Rahm, like to make people play by rules that are stringent and ridiculous. They should have to follow the same rules, no?

The post itself was not about whether or not I agree with what battle Sarah is choosing to fight. But more about the power she wields in her Facebook account and how the administration ends up jumping through hoops every time she posts something on it.

3. Mustang - Um....what the hell are you talking about?

HoosierArmyMom said...

Oh, I agree, there is huge hypocrisy in the White House. Double standard rule the day with Obozo and Co.

Mustang, I know you really like Cartman, so you can keep him on your blog. I have a few too many trolls as it is. LOL!!! Did you forget to take your Ginko today????