Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Blogs (And Ron Paul) Are Saying Hostettler

Here is another blog that is making the case to take a good look at John Hostettler.

Before you cast your all-important vote, think about something....will you?

If you want Washington to take notice, you have to send someone who will form positions based on the Constitution and not special interests. And that's someone, who is not beholden to lobbyists.

From time to time I hear many people in this area singing the praises of Ron Paul, and his strong belief in smaller more efficient government (as precursors to liberty). If this is the case, you may know that Mr. Paul has endorsed Mr. Hostettler.

So if you are sincere about wanting to send this kind of a message to Washington, I think this is the BEST way to do it. There are some people there who know John is not a puppet, and others who know he is very serious about doing the people's work.

Winning the election is always the easy part, how they lead becomes the hard part. I think he is up to it, and I think he deserves six years to show us what he can get done.

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