Sunday, April 18, 2010

Progressive Mythology

You have heard of Greek mythology and read the great fictional tragedies from that era. Well, this is an expository examination of Washingtonian mythology. This alone is quite telling, especially when you consider that Washington is controlled by progressive socialists who will use any means necessary to proliferate and disseminate lies, to implement their radical agenda.

As for some of the myths from some of the usual suspects, here is one example from a well-known ex-president and perjurer, Bill Clinton:

"What we learned from Oklahoma City is not that we should gag each other or that we should reduce our passion for the positions we hold - but that the words we use really do matter, because there's this vast echo chamber, and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike," he said.

"One of the things that the conservatives have always brought to the table in America is a reminder that no law can replace personal responsibility. And the more power you have and the more influence you have, the more responsibility you have."

So let me see if I can get this straight. He who has power also has influence, right? If that is the case, I guess it means he has some element of responsibility to pick and choose his words wisely. So far so good, right? But what about those on the left who aren't picking and choosing their words very well?

Here is a bright shining example. This time, it comes from some young unknown upstart hack:

The Tea Partiers aren’t too fond of racial underdogs either. They’re more likely than other Americans to believe that the Obama administration favors blacks over whites, and that black people’s hardships have been exaggerated. America does have a history of right-wing, often racist, populism. Segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace called his party the Populists in 1968. But at least Wallace’s economic views were reasonably progressive. The Tea Partiers favor the economically and racially privileged.

How anyone could tie Tea Partiers to George Wallace and keep a straight face, is way beyond me. The Tea Party gathering I just attended in Indianapolis (on the Capital grounds) had black people speaking to an energized, but civil, crowd. No one engaged in racist speech at all. No one advocated anything like Wallace did, there were no calls to deny black people anything.

If there had been, you could bet that no black person would have stuck around until then very end.

No, these were merely people who are concerned about the state of their country and do not support what has been going on. Some of them just happened to be black. Not as many as I would have liked to have seen, but I understand the pressure that is being put on blacks by the radical left.

Even at that, this is not the best myth to come out of this weak and faulty piece of journalism. Let's look at this one:

The Tea Partiers aren’t standing up for the little guy; they’re standing up to the little guy.

Makes me laugh, how about you?

This is how it is. The Tea Partiers stick up for the WORKING people, those who pay their bills and taxes. These are the ones who get up everyday, drag their asses to work and put in long hours. It is they who earn the money necessary, so the government can tax it.

Elected officials could not spend like they do, if it weren't for the bill payer and the tax payer. In fact, we now know that almost half of the people in this country pay no taxes at all, which makes them recipients of collected money, after the government has taken their cut for their own self-serving purposes.

So, if you want to paint the Tea Partiers as being in the upper echelons of wage earners, I find nothing wrong with it. Where these myth-makers go astray is to suggest that we are the upper crust of society who are loaded with money. They screw up even worse, when they believe that our opinions are not valid.

Do we not have rights? Do we not have the right to demand those rights be respected? Do we not have the right to speak out when we feel those rights are being violated?

Why should we be required to keep paying more of our hard-earned money to lazy bums who are capable of working, but won't? I know not all recipients are in this category, but a good many are.

They won't work because the government will pay them to sit at home, deal drugs, work under the table like an illegal immigrant, and basically contribute nothing of any value to the country. And they honestly think it is alright to do so.

How can any progressive reconcile this mentality, with any sense of true justice?

If that isn't clear enough, let me be plain. Let's break it down in idiot's terms and examine it closer, shall we?

Myth #1 - Tea Partiers are tied to domestic terrorists.

Q. What did Tim McVeigh's agenda have to do with over-spending and high taxes?
A. Nothing.

By his own admission, it had everything to do with an overzealous government who chose to go into a situation with guns blazing, when there was no need to do so.

Myth #2 - Tea Partiers are racist.

Q. If you believe this, why are there blacks at almost every large Tea Party gathering?
A. Because a lot of them are bill/tax payers and do not like the way the government is handling their tax dollars. These are they who do NOT factor race into their ideology, in any way whatsoever. I suspect there are more who would attend if they could. but many may have had to work and many may have felt intimidated by the radical left.

Myth #3 - Tea Partiers are greedy people who want to keep the little people down.

Some may be greedy to a fault. I don't know every last one of them, so I cannot say for sure who is and who isn't.

But I saw no one pulling up in limos, there was no preferential seating for large donors. Everything at Tea Party rallies is first come, first serve. I saw a lot of retired people who have paid their dues and are now living on fixed incomes. I saw a lot working stiffs like me who were tired after a long day, and yet made it anyway. I saw young, old, and middle aged. The one thing that united all of the people was a genuine concern about the direction the nation is being driven, by deceitful and manipulative leaders.

After all of these queries I have posed here today, there only remains one intelligent question left to ask.

If the Tea Party Movement is not a relevant force, why are so many progressives scared of them and seek to demonize them -- in place of a debate about the issues? What could they possibly be afraid of, that they would stoop to such a low level of behavior?


Chuck said...

On Bill Clinton:

Where has he been the last 8 years? He didn't seem as concerned about hatred when it was coming from the left.

Oklahoma City was as much his responsibility as anyone else. It did happen on his watch. This is two-fer, discredit the Tea Party and get rid of the blame for OK City.

As far as the myth that the Tea Partiers are for big business, we had one in Grand Rapids. I didn't get to go because I was at work. I did though have to go out and run an errand while they were gathering and drove by some of them as they headed towards the rally. They looked like common everyday working stiffs to me. Work clothes, no tuxes. A lot of them looked like construction workers.

LASunsett said...

It's not surprising that Bill Clinton is trying to repair his fractured legacy, much in the same way Carter has been doing. Of course when it's someone who screwed the country up doing it, it involves revisionist history.

A.C. McCloud said...

That's why they called him "Slick".

Anyone who would hire Morris as a consultant was never interested in responsible governance--just winning at all costs. Too many scuzballs like that floating around, on both sides.

Mustang said...

Whoa ... perjury is wrong? Are you certain about that? Um ... how could it be wrong when the leading man in this entire country, who is also a lawyer, got away with perjury.

What I find amazing is the margin of selective memory Clinton and others in the communist party have. For example, the incompetence of the Clinton Administration led us to the 9/11 attacks. The negligence of Warren Christopher and Madeline Albrecht aided and abetted a dangerous enemy to attack innocent people. The profound stupidity of Jamie Gorelick paved the way for radical Muslims to attack this nation, and its people, with utter impunity. And now, it was the right wing who did this?

When a military man or woman is so negligent or incompetent in the execution of his or her duties that such behavior becomes a criminal matter, they can be court-martialed and face dire consequences. Considering the human and economic costs associated with 9/11, we should wonder why Clinton or any of his functionaries weren’t charged with high crimes and misdemeanors. If they had, then we would not find Clinton strutting around pretending he was a great president, Albrecht wouldn’t be making a skillion dollars on the lecture circuit, and Jamie Gorelick would not have made twenty million dollars as the head of Freddie Mac and once again appointed to a high government post.

When will this madness end?

LASunsett said...

//Too many scuzballs like that floating around, on both sides.//

Agreed, which is why we need to carefully evaluate every candidate this year and vote the ones with the least amount of scuz.

LASunsett said...

//What I find amazing is the margin of selective memory Clinton and others in the communist party have. //

Which goes along way to explain how the American people have issues with memory. They know that Americans are impetuous and only seek instant gratification, and they do not seek an understanding as to why they are in their current condition. So they keep changing the narrative to suit the moment.

This is why they prefer the rote learning technique, like "Yes We Can" and "Hope/Change". Pathetic robots, Americans are.

Greg said...

The reason Tea Partiers are being called racist is quite simple: they oppose Obama. We saw this during the campaign (the Clintons were called racist!), and we all predicted it would happen after Obama's election. You oppose Obama and his agenda? You racist!

As to Clinton's comments, they are hard to disagree with. Words have an effect, of course. I'm just not sure what specific Tea Party comments he's referring to. Perhaps he could be more specific, though I won't hold my breath waiting for someone in the lame stream media to press him on it.

L'Amerloque said...

It's pretty clear from Obama's abandonment of the space program that he does not have American interests at heart and is working hard to destroy the commonweal.

Obama will go down in history as the man who gave the moon to the Chinese and forced American astronauts to hitch rides with the Russians to reach the International Space Station.

He will also go down in history as the man who tried to break the spirit of America.

Does he not understand that challenge, daring and hard work built America ?

Guess not.

What can one expect from a spoonfed, fasttracked, affirmative action individual who has never held a real job in his life ?

He can't even throw a baseball properly.

Being American isn't all about birth certificates and passports.

Greg said...

couldn't have said it better myself, l'amerloque. more than any policy disagreements i have with obama, his view of america irks me the most. can't believe we will have to hitch a ride to space on a russian rocket for the foreseeable future [staring at shoes, shaking head]

LASunsett said...

//I'm just not sure what specific Tea Party comments he's referring to. //

That's the puzzling part. They have nothing or the Lame-streamers would have it running an entire 24 hour news cycle, or two.

LASunsett said...

//Being American isn't all about birth certificates and passports.

I couldn't agree more.

This is precisely why I have adjusted my focus to include other things, the things that are plain and more easy to verify. I mean, the stupidity of this regime is becoming better known -- by each passing day. It's a blogger's dream.

LASunsett said...

//i have with obama, his view of america irks me the most.//

It is often said that men and women vote and implement their values. So for this reason, we can see why the insane policies are so bad for the country.

Always On Watch said...

My visits here are even more sporadic than usual, with this household's circumstances since September.

Anyway, I've managed to find time to stop by to read this outstanding post.

Pity that the lamestream media keeps pushing in the direction of mythology because the people are being kept uninformed.

LASunsett said...

//Pity that the lamestream media keeps pushing in the direction of mythology because the people are being kept uninformed.//

Which is why we have such an important calling right now. It is us who must correct the myths through our words and our actions. Even Plato had it right when he said: When men speak ill of you, live so that no one may believe them.