Tuesday, April 06, 2010


That's about all I could do after awakening to find out that Butler almost pulled it out. I know the heartbreak must be exponentially worse with those so closely connected to the team, especially the players who played their hearts out this year. Me, I am just a spectator with very little vested interest.

These kids had heart, they played team ball with no one team member anymore important than the other. They did what we they were asked to do, they were unselfish.

So in the end, when the shock wears off, I hope they will see that they have nothing to be ashamed about. I hope they will come back next year, more determined than ever.

They say that no one ever remembers the losers of a championship. But I suspect that this year it will be different. Not many will forget the little school from Indianapolis that ran through the tourney with a spirit that was unmatched by any.

Think this was good? Just wait until next year.



Greg said...

ugh. sad. :(

Great effort though. Awesome game.

Rocket said...

Just saw some highlights today as I think it started at 3am our time.

Greg. The crack of the bat is here!

Did you see the Matsui homer in Anaheim? Great shot. Please say you like Matsui!

LASunsett said...

Saw Gordon Hayward today. He looked a bit worn from this unusual ride he'd just been on. But as I commented on another post, he was doing what a 20 college student does after a huge post game convocation/thank-you-rally. He was feeding his face and replacing expended proteins and carbs, lost in a physically, mentally, and emotionally charged couple of games.

Those kids went to class yesterday, the day of the National Championship. They are a great group of kids.