Sunday, April 25, 2010

PYY Endorsement: John Hostettler for U.S. Senate

Note-I realize that most of my readers are not living in the Hoosier state, so this may not interest you much. Even yet, I feel a need to make a statement and I ask that you allow me this exceptional moment. Please also note that I am not getting paid for this is any way, shape, or form. I am not a paid supporter for anyone, and I do not usually make it a practice to make any official endorsements of candidates here at PYY.

hese are trying times. They are are full of angst and anxiety for those of us who embrace reality.

In the past several weeks, I have spent some time researching the candidates who are vying for my vote -- here in my little corner of the earth. I take it seriously. I do this because this is one of the most important elections in my lifetime.

It will determine many things and I think the most important outcome it will yield will directly affect the future of western civilization, as we know it.What happens in November will determine how our children and grandchildren will fare as they grow up and live their lives.

We need leaders that will lead and put the people they serve, first. They need to understand the Constitution. Why have a founding document, if we do not follow it and use it for the framework of our government?

So as part of this quest, I have been trying to educate myself by watching debates and generally listening to the five gentlemen, who have been kind enough to offer their services to represent the state of Indiana.

All are currently seeking the GOP nomination for U.S. Senator, and are as follows:

1) Richard Behney

Don Bates

Indiana State Senator Marlin Stutzman

Former Senator Dan Coats

Former U.S. Representative John Hostettler

Please take special note of the following:

1) All five are quality candidates.

2) All five would make a better choice than the likely Democratic nominee.

3) All five make it hard to choose between them, as they all have their unique qualities and attributes.

4) All have special talents that would be excellent assets for the job at hand.

But I am not a member of the Dead Democrats club, so I can only vote once. And the objective here is to choose the best possible candidate.

As I said earlier, all are good in their own way. And if my man doesn't win, I will support any of them in the general election (over and above someone who voted for Obamacare, as the Congressman of the IN-8th District).

I am grateful for the service of Mr. Coats. Overall, I think he has done a decent job for Indiana in the past. But I didn't always see things his way on the second amendment, and I see if him as part of that "old guard" GOP machine. For these reasons, I think his time has past. But I still I want him to know that we appreciate what he was able to do, in his time.

Mr. Behney has a lot of energy, I have seen it in person. He is a good speaker, has a great story behind him, and seems to get the big picture. He has an energetic following that responds well to his sense of humor and purpose. But it is my fear that he will get eaten alive in Washington with no prior political experience.

I haven't seen Mr. Bates in person yet. He could not attend the Indianapolis Tea Party forum, where I was on Saturday morning. He was ill. But I have seen him on TV debates and have read some about him. I do find him to be a bright young man -- who also gets the big picture. But he has no prior political experience either. And like I said, it's brutal in D.C. and the mess is thick.

Like Behney and Bates, Mr. Stutzman also has a level head on him and good grasp of the problems we face as a nation. He is smart and knowledgeable, he states his positions well. In addition, he has experience in politics and government.

I did give him a good look. But remember, we only get one vote. We must select the BEST candidate with it.

As I listen to John Hostettler, it has become clearer to me that he is the one who I think can best represent Indiana, as its junior senator.

He knows how Washington works.

He can set up his office tomorrow and go to work on fixing the problems right away, with limited orientation and far less time to get acclimated to the federal experience.

And it's not just his experience that makes him appealing.

He knows the Constitution. He is a very smart man, he is a concrete thinker who is able to analyze and troubleshoot well. As he states his positions and stances, he can and often does reference the section(s) and article(s) that apply to what he wants to do.

When he was in the House, he broke ranks with the GOP when he has felt they were wrong. You have to respect that.

He seems to vote his deeply guided principles well, and has done it consistently. There are but a few things, of which I am sure I may not agree with him. That's always the case in this world. But in the deep analysis, I have come to the stark conclusion that I do agree with him on the lion's share of the issues--especially those things that are vital to preserving the personal freedoms that have made this nation so great.

Make no mistake. If he does not win the nomination, I will support the winner and I have a feeling that Mr. Hostettler will too.

If he does win, I want all to know and understand that this is not the necessarily the end of the road for the others. But it will very important for them to be supportive of the nominee, so that we can wrest control of government from the hands of the progressives in the fall. These idealogues seek to bankrupt and weaken this nation, with their out of control spending and unprecedented expansion of government.

They must be stopped before they do enormous amounts of irreparable damage.

For the above reasons stated, PYY is freely and willingly choosing to endorse Mr. John Hostettler for U.S. Senator, for a constitutional term of six years. If you are from Indiana and still reading, I ask that you give this man a good look....and your vote.

It will help begin the process of restoration. It will begin the process of rediscovery of the values and principles that have been lost for so long. It will do much to give America the true hope that its young will see the same opportunities available to them, like we were able to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas as to why John Hostettler refused to go through the vetting procedure with Independence Caucus? I am genuinely interested and concerned about that. It only involved answering a questionnaire and consenting to an interview. He refused to do either. That is the single reason why I decided to support Behney. I've had enough of "leaders" thumbing their noses at We the People when we are trying hard to gain a better understanding BEFORE we enter the polling places. I would really like to know. If Indiana I-Caucus had problem leadership, I want to know that too. Inquiring minds you know!!! :-)


Mustang said...

The RNC spent $163,000 in Hostettler's district as of mid-July 2006; while the DNC spend $166,000 for opponent Brad Ellsworth.

Even today, people regard Hostettler as a weak fundraiser —never having raised more than $800,000 in any campaign. Some argue this is because Mr. Hostettler refuses to accept PAC money. If true, we can applaud his integrity, but I’m afraid the race for the senate has nothing whatever to do with honesty.

The question that begs answering is, why didn’t the RNC step up to help this man out? Was it because he’s his own man? These are rhetorical questions, of course. I only ask them because if you are supporting Hostettler, the print and televised media need to show him in the proper light; and perhaps the grass roots/tea party movements can help getting the word out that here is a man of integrity, refusing to become a crook —exactly the kind of man Tippecanoers need in Washington.

On the other hand, HAM's information is worrisome. Why didn't he answer the questions?

Semper Fi

LASunsett said...

HAM and Mustang,

I am not sure why John wouldn't answer the questionaire. Only he can answer that question. But I am curious to know why that is so troubling?

Maybe he doesn't know what the I-Caucus is. In fact, I have been active in politics for years now, have followed all of the major issues, and I didn't know who they were until just now.

Maybe it is because John has a record from 12 years in Congress. I spent time looking it up. It's there and it is a consistently conservative record.

Personally, I am not overly concerned about what any group says about anyone, as I am not always prone to go along with groups of any kind. But that's just me.

HAM mentions Mr Behney as her candidate of choice, which is fine. I have other concerns about him and his candidacy, other than his lack of political experience.

I have watched all of these candidates and have made my choice based on what I have read and learned about each candidate, as well as their stances on the issues. They are all better than the Democrat who will likely be the nominee. But I have to go with my gut and my head, and make what I feel is the best choice at this moment in time.

For me, it's Mr. Hostettler.

Anonymous said...

Sunsett, I hope you are not offended by my question, as I do respect your thoughts on this issue. Independence Caucus is a group that came into being after the first Tea Party I believe. They are a group of citizens that wanted to come up with a formal vetting process by which members could participate in. I have access to the questionnaire answers and the interviews with each candidate before I vote on which candidate I feel should be endorsed. The process is across the board same questions to all candidates. You see, my reason for wondering is that I very much believe that the reason we have a Marxist in the White House is that most people don't understand how to vet a candidate or know the candidates before entering the polling place. Most do not understand the importance of the Primaries either. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to see and compare responses to the questions that concern me the most. I was just in the dark about Mr. Hostettler, so I asked.

I was also curious if you had heard anything in your research why Hostettler didn't respond or might have missed responding. It may have been just the fact he didn't know who they were.


Greg said...

As a Teabagger, you're obviously a racist moron with no education or common sense. Vote Democrat, give me your money, and shut up. Good day sir!
-Nancy Pelosi

LASunsett said...


I wasn't offended at all, just a bit puzzled as why you felt the completion of a questionaire would be s slight to the people, and a reason to not support Hostettler.

I am going to do another post soon (maybe tomorrow) about why I have reservations about Behney. I am not intending it to be overly negative, I just want to communicate some observations I have made by watching and listening to him.

But first I must write up another endorsement, in my congressional race.

LASunsett said...


How many times have I told you not to let Nancy Pelosi use your computer and blogger sign on to spew her progressive and despicable venom?

I know, I know. She always tells you she is going to check the weather and the sports scores. I cannot help but think, "surely you won't keep falling for that old trick again".


Anonymous said...

Greg darn near made me puke on my boots!

I'll read your article on Behney. I am thinking I might go to one of the events this weekend to meet him in person and hear him speak. I would like to know where your reservations are and see if after the in person thing, I feel the same way.


LASunsett said...

//I would like to know where your reservations are and see if after the in person thing, I feel the same way.//

Coming soon.

OldSkeptic said...

John Hostettler was my Congressman for 12 years. I had the privilege of voting for him 7 times.

As the years went by I had occasion to become somewhat acquainted with him, and have had some dealings with him outside of politics. And I am very well acquainted with several people who know him very well outside of politics. A couple of them are Democrats. And they all have the very highest regard for him personally .

I have come to regard him as the most principled politician I have ever known. Although I have sometimes not been convinced that I fully agreed with him, I have never doubted for a moment that his opinions were based upon his perception of what was best for the country rather than for any political loyalty to anyone.

And in a couple of instances the passage of time has convinced me that he was probably more correct than I on the matters about which we disagreed.

I have never seen him duck a question in a town hall meeting. I have never felt that his response to questions was based more on politics than his regard for truth and honesty.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about Hostettler's career is that he was voted out of office because of many people's opposition to Bush and the Bush era Republican Congress on matters which John, as an almost lone wolf, had courageously opposed.

In him the people of Indiana are being given a very rare opportunity to send to Washington as honest a person as any state has ever sent there.

We may never be given such an opportunity again!

LASunsett said...

Old Skeptic,

Thanks for sharing your first hand experience with us. It only goes to validate further, what I have believed to be true.

If you get time, come back and get into the other discussions that we generate here. There is more than one old skeptic that comes around here to shoot the bull and complain.