Sunday, May 09, 2010

Caudillo Causations Cause Crickets To Chirp

It doesn't take a lot of rational thought to know that Chavez is a socialist. And despite the occasional smokescreen name calling on his part, he and Obama are more in tune with each other than some are willing to admit. Both love it when their governments can absorb private enterprise into its corrupt government bureaucracy. In their minds, I am sure it has a certain political romance to it.

El Presidente (for life) has made no secret about his desire to squash political dissent along the way. He nationalizes foreign technology and capital, he shuts down media outlets that disagree with his vision and worldview, and he implements central planning. He devalues the currency, sets prices, and threatens to nationalize any company/business that raises their prices because of his idiotic policies.

A despot can only do things like this for so long before things begin to fall apart.

And now, the AP reports this one:

Venezuela's annual inflation rate has surpassed 30 percent after consumer prices surged in April.

The Central Bank and National Statistics Institute on Friday reported a 5.2 percent increase in consumer prices during April, driving up the annual rate to 30.4 percent.

President Hugo Chavez's government has been struggling against the highest inflation rate in Latin America and a weakening economy in general.

Obama is starting down the same path Chavez is traveling. Maybe not as fast, but his objectives are similar.

Only Hugo has been on the road longer.

Even though Leftist leadership (and the incompetence that naturally comes with it) is the direct cause of negative outcomes across the board, Obama and his thugocrats are still hard at work seeking to advance more faulty policies. The outcomes they produce are the kind that can sink a way of life and standard of living. Any time a leader bases his/her policies on fallacious ideologies, we can expect more suffering and more poverty on a larger scale, except for the ruling class.

But Latin America is full of uneducated masses who are not able to see and understand that Left Wing philosophy is the root cause of many calamities that befall their societies. They are people who are very easy to deceive, because of always having the "gringos" up north to blame. As long as they can be made to believe that the USA is the bad guy, it will be said many more times without challenge.

And if that isn't enough, we have millionaire Hollywood idiots who help the caudillos and their delusional ideations.... by openly saying great things about them.

People like Sean Penn and Michael Moore idolize cold-blooded killers like Castro and Che. Yet, they fail to see that Cuba is one of the most poverty-ridden nations in the entire world. They are enamored with Latin American dictators who destroy the opportunities and means by which people can better themselves. And yet, they excuse the rapid and steady decline that is now made manifest in Venezuela.

The entertainment world's lofty souls are not smart enough to realize that it is their livelihoods which are at stake at this point in time....not mine.

Right now there is an element named La Raza that is seeking to take over much of what is now the western United States and turn it back over to Mexico. This means if they had their way, Hollywood would be paying taxes to the District Fédéral, not Columbia. It's called reconquista or reconquest, and it's nothing new.

Take a look at this speech by a man who said to be a guy named, Ron Gochez. Who he is not that important, he's nobody with very little on the ball. But take a listen to the heroes he mentions:

Elected officials like Rep. Andre Carson say that Tea Partiers are dangerous subversives, they are terrorists and cannot be trusted. But I have yet to hear him or anyone on his political train show much concern for speeches like this.

Saying "those who disagree with the present government could cause someone unstable to snap" seems to be fashionable among Hollywood elitists. Just ask Lance Baxter. But speech just like you heard in this video should be what these guys are really concerned with, and they better do it before it is too late.

Penn, Moore, Baxter, Baldwin, Belafonte, and others who entertain the fantasy of a Simón Bolívar in their lifetime, are living in California. It is they and many good decent people who must think about the possibilities of this guy's dream becoming a reality.

And what do we hear from the White House on things like this? Nothing. They appointed a Supreme Court Justice with ties to this man's group.


A.C. McCloud said...

Hopefully soon to be "former teacher".

Greg said...

I don't think inflation is Obama's goal, but that is the inevitable result of uncontrolled debt and devaluing of the currency. If we don't control gov't spending, we could see devastating inflation like they have in Venezuela.

As for the video, I could't stomach very much of it. I'm definitely amused by the idea that half of the US is stolen Mexican land. Heh. Then Mexican should return their stolen country to the Mayans if there are any Mayans left that they didn't slaughter. But I digress....

Chuck said...

I'm with McCloud, fire the teacher - 'nuff said

As far as the economy, the word now is that our "Greece moment" is due in about 2013. What is real likely scenario is that our economy tanks just after Hussein gets re-elected and then we are stuck with him for another 4 years. In fact, I will go further. I think the federal government will prop up the economy just long enough to get him through 2012. This not only has us stuck with him but the prop-up causes our economy more damage. Sorry, I'm in a cheery mood I guess.

LASunsett said...

AC and Chuck,

He teaches in LA. It's probably mainstream thought in South Central.


Interesting prediction, I would not be surprised.


Good point on the Mayan's potential claim. The point is rather simple. We cannot have nations, groups, and other such entities reaching back into history and making ludicrous claims such as this one is. Maybe there are some legitimate claims in some instances, but it's not reasonable to expect that thousands of years worth of wrong acts can be righted, in this manner.

A.C. McCloud said...

Don't worry Chuck, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 so we'll all be saved by the end of the world. The certain telltale? Cubs enter World Series in 2012.

Sorry, friday mood.. btw did ya hear, Mullah Omar possibly captured

Greg said...

AC - where did you hear mullah omar might have been captured??

LASunsett said...

//Cubs enter World Series in 2012. //

Just reading this makes Gregorian chants run through my head.