Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recommended Blogs

I have found a couple of new ones you may be interested in.

First, we have commentary from an American who lived in Germany. When you get a chance, take a look at Schnitzel Republic.

I lived in Deutschland for a couple of years. I took advantage of a lot of opportunities while I was there.

Secondly, it's biased and negative but much of it is true. For those who live in Indiana, Bad For Indiana tells us why Ellsworth is not the best choice for Indiana this fall.

I wouldn't think that it would be a big secret why he is the poorest choice of the two. He has voted for every big government bill since Obama has become President. This makes his voting record progressive and Hoosiers will recognize that Indiana does not need that kind of representation.


Z said...

I looked at Schnitzel and it is amusing, I commented and will be eager to see more posts of his.......I loved living in Germany a LOT so I got a tad defensive but I think he's more sarcastic than negative...got to give it another chance! :-)

LASunsett said...

Germany is near and dear to me too. But it has it's flaws, just like living here does. He has earned the right to say his piece more than I have. He has paid his dues there, I just passed through.