Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Prozac Principle

Normally, even if only for a few hours, graduates should be able to feel uplifted, optimistic, and full of hope at their commencement ceremony. But not all people feel the way I do:

Word has it that three people were hospitalized for attempting to hang themselves with their tassels, and mental health intake units were packed for the rest of the weekend.

Reverend Brother (and newly honorary Doctor) Al Gore evidently thinks it's okay to depress the hell out of these kids. The poor people are already in the middle of great angst, bordering on panic now that they must grow up and get jobs. The job market stinks and they are so far into debt from student loans and government spending.

Why not torture them? Why not make them feel suicidal? Let's just pile sorrow upon sorrow.

But in all fairness, it was the Faculty and Administration who booked this idiot.... and honored him with a University of Tennessee Honorary Doctorate. If they have any misgivings at all, it's now on them.

I even bet most of the students danced with glee, when they heard they would get to see the (ahem) "father of the environmental movement". I am sure, they even had a party to celebrate. But what they all got was the first hand experience of hearing the ravings of a real live false prophet (and the embarrassment that comes with it).


Mustang said...

That does it.

I'm shooting myself.

That bastard.

LASunsett said...

Quick....does anyone have a couple weeks worth of Serotonin re-uptake inhibitors they can spare for Mustang. It's going to be hard to get a court order for a 72 hr hold from here.

Hold on Mustang!!!! Help is on the way. Milka and Danica will be there after the race.

Greg said...

Dear Goracle,

I have just finished another level on the gradient, and I feel ready to save the earth from the carbon dioxide I spew everyday. I am ready to throw myself into the Gulf oil slick and die. My body should absorb some of the oil as it sinks to the bottom. I can only hope I will inspire other humans to save the earth in a similar way.

Your slave,

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for a young, impressionable youth like me to develop an open mind when all I see here at this blog is sarcasm. No, not the mild variety of sarcasm, but the snarky kind that will get me in trouble in my later years. I hate you, Mr. Sunset. I hate all of you … except Gunny who buys me popcorn at the adult movie matinee.

Your best friend,


Anonymous said...


I am touched that you would do such a thing for your planet. My team will be contacting you soon to let you know when and where to report for your brave action to begin.

Thank you in advance,


Anonymous said...


You sound like a fine young man. But do not hold Mr. Sunsett accountable for all that he says here. That damned Marine he is friends with puts him up to most of it.