Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Indiana Primary Election Analysis

I won't bore my national and international readers with local races that have no effect whatsoever on the national or international level. As it is, it will probably be boring enough anyway.

But before I begin let me just say that no matter the results today, the goal must be the same as before the vote: Dethroning Democrats. Differences must be put aside for the Fall until they can be taken up in the next primary election.

In this election, it is especially important because the Dems will continue to ram the Progressive Socialist agenda down the throats of Americans. The result will be greater deficits, more debt, more government dependency, and no improvement in services.

US Senate

The Washington GOP establishment didn't care too much for John Hostettler, when he was in Congress. He was his own man, he didn't cave to party pressure when it was chic and fashionable to do so. He stood up to the ruling GOP when they were wrong.

This is precisely why Dan Coats was "back home again in Indiana", this spring. After leaving for a cushy Ambassador's job in Germany, he was going to retire. The Old Guard GOP was scared Hostettler would win, so they saw their opportunity to regain the seat by encouraging him to run for his old seat.

The trouble with the anti-establishment vote was that they allowed themselves to be split. Stutzman came in second in the tally with Hostettler third. Stutzman ran a clean campaign, but I had to ask myself why the anti-establishment voters who wanted a truly conservative voice were swayed by a man who voted for a tax increase in the Indiana Senate. Hostettler never voted for one the entire time he in Congress, not one.

US Representative By District


Don't know much about any of the candidates. This is the Gary-Hammond area and is Chicago style Democrats through and through.


This one went Democrat in the 2006 Democratic tilt. In the fall, this one can go either way. But this is one that the GOP badly needs to pick up to retake the House. The biggest problem with the GOP winner is name recognition.

Jackie Walorski is not a household name where I live. That and I doubt her campaign has much money to sustain much of a run without some RNC help.


The incumbent GOP Congressman is Mark Souder. He beat back a challenge by a well-funded candidate. But evidently, the anti-incumbency sentiment was not strong enough in the district. It should remain in GOP hands this Fall.


Todd Rokita beat back Brandt Hershman... who was the hand-picked heir of the current GOP Congressman, Steve Buyer.

Rokita is the Indiana Secretary of State, Hershman is a State Senator. What hurt him more than anything was his negative ads against Rokita, attacking him for his position on the Medicare Part D program. Basically, Rokita had stated that he wanted to cut the program by repealing it. Hershman positioned himself in the RINO camp by attacking that stance.


This district was a prime example of how not to unseat an outdated, lazy, and washed up incumbent. It has been time for Dan Burton to go for years now, but the GOP in his district are not the smartest lot. Six candidates tried to unseat him, but in reality only two had any chance of doing it.

It makes me wonder, what was the thinking of the individuals who had no chance? Was it greed, power, or selfishness? Or was is a combination, thereof?

Burton won with only 30% of the vote. That means the three who had no chance cost the election by siphoning off votes. This guarantees another two years of an entrenched dinosaur who misses more votes than any other member of Congress.

Thanks a lot, 5th District..


Mike Pence ran unopposed, which is as he should. He will coast in November.


A several time loser beat out a fresh face in this GOP race. But the winner gets to lose to Andre Carson in the General.


Another opportunity for the GOP to pick up a seat in the Fall, this one is the one currently being held by Brad Ellsworth, who will likely be the Democratic nominee for Senate. It will be a rough race. The problem will be name recognition for the GOP candidate, Larry Buchson.


Todd Young, a Marine veteran and popular deputy prosecutor, beat out a a former holder of this seat (Mike Sodrel) and another fresh face (Travis Hanson). He has a good chance to unseat the slimy Democratic incumbent, who votes for the progressive agenda while trying to posture himself as a Blue Dog.

Sodrel has the look and personality of a used car salesman and has to realize that his day is past. Thankfully, the GOP in this district saw that and nominated someone different.


I think it goes without saying that this is still an important election.

Already on Hostettler's Facebook page, there are people upset that he lost to Coats and encouraging him to run as an independent. This is the wrong move.Conservatives must unite behind Coats to ensure that Ellsworth is not seated as Bayh's successor.

Ellswoth is like Baron Hill. He votes for the progrssive agenda, while selling himself as a moderate Blue Dog Democrat.

Ellsworth is worse than a progressive. At least with an avowed progressive, you know what you are getting.

Coats maybe be a RINO, but it's better to vote for someone that agrees with us 60% of the time, than someone who votes for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda 90% of the time. Staying home because someone doesn't like the candidate who won the primary is one major factor in getting Obama elected. The old "take my ball and go home" mentality will not save this country.


Mustang said...

Neither will "staying home." I understand voter turnout in IN was exceedingly light. True?

LASunsett said...

Very true.

Z said...

Oh, was it light? Bummer.
No, we can't stay home and, right now at least, we must support RINO's (unfortunately)...
We can't let Dems get elected because Republicans decided to show the RNC how angry they are..."We'll show THEM!" Well, they did that and they ruined America with Obama.
After RINO's are elected, THEN the Tea Partiers can kick their behinds into shape! ?? We can hope!

Thanks for the overview of Indiana...very interesting and I had been curious about Coats.

LASunsett said...

//We can't let Dems get elected because Republicans decided to show the RNC how angry they are...//

Precisely, Z.

There will be plenty of time for this later. First we must wrest control from the vermin who have put us in this precarious position.