Monday, May 17, 2010

Two Articles Worth Your Time

The Democrats have gone to great lengths and extremes to demonize the TEA Party. Along with the complicit mainstream media, they have painted the movement as a refuge for kooks and racists. They do it out of fear....fear that their deceits will become more easily detected and they will lose their power after November.

The GOP has been a different animal altogether.

Some Republican politicians have embraced the movement as something they have believed all along. Some have tried to hijack it for their own gain.

Still, others have realized it is not an entity that can be shaped by outside forces and it is they who merely try to ride the wave to safety.

For an interesting read about how the GOP Governor of Indiana sees it, give this piece a read when you get the opportunity. He has many detractors for many different reasons, most of them are the same old tired reasons. But mostly it's a case of the big spenders fearing those who want to eliminate bureaucracy and preserve individual freedom and liberty. His actions have usually subverted almost everything the big government crowd wants.

And they don't like him for it.


Z said...

I think he's right about keeping distance and I think Palin's made a serious mistake (among others lately) by aligning herself with them.........although I'm quite sure they're for Hayworth of AZ and she's supporting McCain...(GASP)

The Tea Party needs to look like it's non partisan, it's the only way we'll get enough independents who'll give it a listen........I'm with Daniels.

LASunsett said...

//.although I'm quite sure they're for Hayworth of AZ and she's supporting McCain...//

Publicly, she is. She owes her new found fame to him.