Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hissy Fits In Europe Will Soon Come Here

Recently, we watched the French take to the streets to protest the raising of the retirement age, from 60 to 62. Yesterday, we saw a British student protest turn ugly in London, over proposed tuition hikes.

Obviously, the big news topic of last evening's British TV news programming was the riot. Here is a lengthy clip from one of them. It includes a 37 year old student justifying the destructive actions taken by the out of control mob that invaded the Tory office building.

Notice how the interviewer tries to pin her down for the purpose of understanding why she thought the actions of the mob were justifiable?

She, like most leftists, do not want to answer perfectly valid questions. Instead, they want to question the validity of the question, in order to avoid answering it. They want to change the question, so they can hijack the narrative. It's not much different here in America, is it?

But let's set that aside and think about how Britain, France, and the rest of Europe are in these kinds of messes to begin with. Let's look at human nature as a microcosm of this situation.

Kids want. They will ask for any and every little thing under the sun, it's what they do best. Parents have the power to say yes or no. But when they opt for no, they must be prepared to explain why and stick to their reasoning behind it.

When kids do not get their way, many times they will act out in some way or another. It is at this point, where the parents can give in just to shut them up or dig deeper for the long term battle that will most certainly ensue.

If the parent makes a habit of giving in too much, there will come a time when there will be no control at all. The child will know that by starting a hissy fit, he/she will be able to control the situation and get whatever he/she wants.

Throw the concept of operant conditioning out the window at this point, because what we will now have is classical conditioning.

Even if the parent can afford to give the child every little thing the child's heart desires, this will not stop the child from wanting more. In addition to this, it makes the parent's job more difficult when it comes time to discipline for other things, not related to this scenario.

Let's say the parent wants to take away something away, as punishment.

Johnny, you have been bad. For this cause you lose your video games for the rest of the weekend. Anger will turn to rage, rage may even turn to destruction.

Or let's say either Mom or Dad has lost their jobs and some belt tightening must now take place temporarily. At this point, they cannot afford to keep buying Johnny these kinds of things he is used to getting (by simply requesting them). Expect a similar response.

To summarize this, what we have seen in France in recent weeks and yesterday in Britain is not much different than this analogy. France cannot sustain its retirement program as it is, so they must modify it. Britain cannot sustain the rising cost of education, so it must raise the fees. In turn, this provokes a hissy fit from those who feel entitled to continue receiving what they have thrown fits for in the past.

Now, let's bring this back to America for a moment.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is trying to cut spending because his state has the third highest debt load in the nation. they cannot sustain at the current pace, as he explained in the recent video I posted. The spoiled kids of his state are used to getting what they want because the unions have pitched fits inn the past, and former governors have given in. So, he has a temper tantrum on his hands.

And to be fair about it, it's not just unions who are bucking his efforts. Listen to this short piece about someone in his state who doesn't want to be told no:

Get ready, America.

As we start making the tough decisions that will need to be made, instances like this in Europe are going to happen here. The children are out of control. Progressives have created a culture of entitlement, and no one will be allowed to make the tough choices without feeling the wrath of the spoiled brats.

Likewise, the situation described by the Governor will likely be played out in other areas of the nation. Other communities, like Parsippany, will need to tighten their belts a little and there will be greedy bastards who will think it doesn't apply to them. Instead of throwing a fit, they will sneak into their parents room at night and take the video game back out. They will make backroom, under the table deals like the one Mr. Christie has spoken about.

So....stay vigilant America. Now is not the time to rest. Keep the pressure on the newly elected officials and do not give in. When the answer is no, it means NO.


~Leslie said...

A thank you to you, Sunsett, for your service to our country and citizens.

I hope you have a blessed day.

LASunsett said...

Leslie, it was my pleasure to serve this great nation. Thank you for your well wishes.

A.C. McCloud said...

Why does nobody in the media question why these people call themselves 'anarchists' yet side with every hard left liberal policy imaginable? They are NOT anarchists; not by definition nor ideology, they are radical leftists.

Catherine Barry said...

You could re-title this post to "When Ignorance and Stupidity Go on Parade"??? Good reminder at the End Sunsett, we all must remain vigilant and keep the powder dry, literally and figuratively. Great post.