Monday, November 01, 2010


This is it. We've written and spoken our hearts out. But now it's time for the lights to go up and time to act.

Remember November: The Final Act from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Please do not fail to cast your vote for freedom and liberty.

Remember, this will not be a panacea of any kind, it will not be a magic fix. But it will begin what promises to be a difficult, yet not an impossible task of taking back this nation from those who wish to destroy it.

It is the Final Act in this play, but casting and rehearsals for the next one begin soon.

Watch for it.


Chuck said...

Rumor is that "Democrats The Tragedy" is being canceled tomorrow after a 6 year run.

Madam Speaker said...

I feel cheated, Sunsett. You gave me a phony telephone number, you left me at the hotel, and after I serviced you, you told me I was special.

I feel so dirty and so cheap.

But call me anyway.

Nancy P.

Mustang said...

I won't ask. I don't want to know.

LASunsett said...

//Rumor is that "Democrats The Tragedy" is being canceled tomorrow after a 6 year run.//

I thought it was "Democrats, The Farce". But could make the argument that in this case, they mean the same damned thing.

Tsk, Tsk for them.

LASunsett said...


I have have made some calls and done some other kinds of checking into this little "Madame Speaker" dropping that was left on my blog. And, I have to tell you that Ms. Pelosi assured me that it wasn't me she talking about.

The guy that told her he was LASunsett has been described by the ex-speaker as a 60 something lean and mean retired Marine Lt. Col, from somewhere in the Sunshine State. She stated that he is in tip top shape, has a Marine physique and haircut to match.

She seemed a bit distant and distracted, but she was resolute in her description of this person.

Is it possible this guy could be living in your area?

Mustang said...

Thank you for your question, Mr. Sunset. Sadly, it is not possible that anyone who served in the United States Marine Corps would have carnal knowledge with that woman. They would sooner cut their own throat with a c-rations can opener (aka John Wayne) and might even be compelled to cut off something else before ever wasting bullets on ... ugh ... something that horrible.

We suggest your sources are dirty scum-sucking bottom feeding communist pukes, likely charter members of Code Pink, and we cannot understand why you would choose to do business with such people. All in all, this is a very disappointing and disturbing revelation. I hope the sergeant major promotion board does not get wind of this ....