Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rockefeller Wants Fox News And MSNBC Closed

I don't know why there are so many people who still cannot discern what is playing out right before their own faces. It is so obvious. It is so irrefutable. They even tell you straight up, what they are wanting to do.

Take a moment and listen to the statement recently made by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV).

We have said it many times and we believe it. Progressives are not the most open minded people we will ever meet. They are not tolerant of opinions different than their own....and they do not want them communicated. They are not respectful of our right to disagree with them and their ideas. They are only proponents of free speech, when they are in the minority.

Additionally, we know and understand very clearly that progressive want control of everything they can get in our lives. They think it is good, but we think it is bad. So Rockefeller does only thing that he can do in this situation. He chooses to make known his preference to limit the choices of what a free market has to offer, because one of those choices presents opinions that differ with his own.

But to get rid of FOX, the plan appears to be sacrificing MSNBC under the illusion that they just want to eliminate two polarizing forces. I think any idiot can see that still leaves them NBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, and PBS to control the distribution of information.

Now let me state emphatically, I may not like what MSNBC has to say. But I don't want it eliminated.

I think the market is proving to be an effective tool in assessing the most accurate sources in news and commentary. And in the final analysis, FOX has been able to attract more viewers than CNN, CNNHL, and MSNBC, combined. Facts are facts and there must be a reason for this.

Of course, we have learned some things over the years. We know from our vast experiences with illogical elitists that the masses are stupid.......and only "enlightened" intellectuals are capable of knowing what's best for people. Only they can know what is fair to all.

This is not unlike things we have witnessed in history. Communists (like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro) have historically shut down media outlets to suppress dissent and free speech. It may not be taught like this anymore, but this does not negate the fact that this is the objective and rationale behind it.

This is precisely why the 2012 election process must begin right now. We must keep this dynamic force moving. We must get this bunch of big government liberals back into the private sector... where the damage they do, can be absorbed by anyone foolish enough to hire them. And, we must start the onerous process of reversing the massive amount of damage already done by them.

To do this effectively, we must isolate the progressives. They are helping us, by picking Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to stay on as the faces of this movement. While it is true this will make our jobs easier, we cannot become complacent. We must push ahead and expose their ideas for what they are.

Unless we want to witness our nation crumbling into rubble, we have no other choice.


Anonymous said...

No one ever accused Rockefeller of being very smart. The issue he addresses isn’t about one network or another; it is how journalists misconstrue vapid political opinion with ‘news’. No one who thinks Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews, and Keith Olbermann are journalists should vote because they are mentally incompetent.

CNN and NBC, CBS, and ABC are progressive soft (as opposed to progressive light). The simple fact is that people who watch these networks for news demonstrate their bias when they prefer these entities to “fair and balanced” Fox News. Similarly, those who watch Fox News demonstrate their conservative bias when they refuse to watch the communist networks. Bias among the public is not a bad thing; it is simply that we all have biases and we all act on them.

I simply wonder why Rockefeller so distrusts the American people that he wants government to decide what the people should watch, or how they should get their news. I tell you, the communists among us simply will not rest until America is gone forever. I could not be more disgusted.

Greg said...

In the America I know, we aren't afraid of ideas, no matter how extreme, offensive or "unhelpful". We let the marketplace of ideas shape our discourse and politics.

Rockefeller sounds like a fascist.

Z said...

WHEN are they going to actually WATCH FOX and COUNT the liberals employed there are consultants who are on FREQUENTLY?

Compare FOX to the beloved CNN and CNN falls so short on balance it's a joke! But, noooo...the dopes like Rockefeller just keep beating the stupid drum......

And Mustang's so right..FOX has AMAZING ratings but the Left knows better.
And Greg's right about what Rockefeller sounds, they can't take what they hear so they have to CLOSE IT DOWN? (#@*&$@(#&*$@#

A.C. McCloud said...

I hope he was just kidding to make a point. But if not, he's even more clueless than we thought--the FCC doesn't regulate cable news. The Fox Network is over the air and has many programs that if eliminated would cause riots, like NFL football and MLB, for example.

Chuck said...

Every poll, study, investigation, and reading of tea leaves in the last several years has shown Fox to be the most balanced news network on TV. There have been several studies done by various journalism schools (well known hot beds for conservatism) and to my knowledge, everyone of them has shown Fox to be the most balanced.

People like this idiot know the truth about the media, they are simply lying. It's time to call it what it is.

LASunsett said...

//I simply wonder why Rockefeller so distrusts the American people that he wants government to decide what the people should watch, or how they should get their news.//

He just watched his party get swept out of power in the House. He knows that this movement will be targeting many on his side of the aisle in the Senate in 2012. He sees the pounding Obumbles has been taking for his corruption, incompetence, and general ineffectiveness. It makes sense to him to stop the biggest source of criticism that cause the people to be distrustful of HIM.

LASunsett said...

//Rockefeller sounds like a fascist.//

The longer they are in Washington, I think a lot of them start to become that way. How dare anyone question them or what they are doing?

Drunk on power.

LASunsett said...

//WHEN are they going to actually WATCH FOX and COUNT the liberals employed there are consultants who are on FREQUENTLY?//

If they haven't by now, they probably never will. But if they have, they probably think the liberals do not get a fair shake because they are challenged on their stances and statements, unlike the others.

LASunsett said...

//the FCC doesn't regulate cable news. //

I did not know this until last evening. It didn;t occur to me that the FCC only oversees the public airwaves. But nevertheless, I think it's a frightening statement.

It shows a more sinister thought process that goes on in the minds of the left, and it shows they may try to expand their responsibilities to include cable, so they take control in the future

LASunsett said...

//People like this idiot know the truth about the media, they are simply lying. It's time to call it what it is.//

I call it an attempted set-up for a future power grab. He's planting the seeds for if the Dems ever regain control again.

Anonymous said...

Rockefeller is in Soros' pocket. Who stands to gain under the so-called Fairness Doctrine? Who owns Media Matters, Politifact, Move On, Center for Democracy, and the Democracy Alliance?

Communist sons of bitches!

Catherine Barry said...

Mustang left out "Think Progressive". He and Z are spot on. We haven't had real news from the journalistic community in decades! Real journalists, like say Michael Yon, have to go private and depend on readers to hit the tip jar enough to finance them.

If you want to read an enlightening research doc done by the Media Research Center, that tells exactly just how our news media have been promoting communism for decades, go to this link and download the research... it's a fascinating read. You can't get any lower than the Main Scream Media.

Catherine Barry said...

Sorry, I'm losing my touch. Hopefully this will come up as a link to the pdf file.