Monday, November 08, 2010


Eagles 26 - Colts 24

The Colts are so depleted on both sides of the ball, it's a wonder that this was not a blowout. Indy has many practice squad players suited up and therefore, mistakes are abound. Even at that, the Colts were in this game until the final seconds.

This shows that Philadelphia is really not that good of a team, despite the accolades the media sends to them on an almost weekly basis. The sport pundits' love affair with their dog-killer quarterback borders on sickening.

Browns 34 - Pats 14

I am in shock.

Just as I was ready to say that NE was the team to beat in the league, this happens. They still might be, but it makes the argument harder to prove to all of the rabid Steeler fans.... whose team has their own despicable and pathetic quarterback. I didn't see it, but it had to be bad if it was the Browns and it was by this much.

I swear that I could hear Greg cursing all the way in the Midwest.

Raiders 23 - Chiefs 20

The surprise team this year is Oakland. Every now and then they put together a team of renegade players who can gel together and play well enough to make the playoffs. The past couple of years, their defense has been playing pretty decent. But now, their offense is starting to score points.

The Chiefs seem to be sputtering and headed the other way. They started out 3-0, and have struggled against good teams since.

So, what did you all see?


Rocket said...

Eagles almost blew it against the Colts but the refs are really enforcing the "no head touchy" rule. A bit too strict in my opinion. They are simply enforcing the rules. Panic has set in in the NFL about injuries. When will touch football season start. Full stop. If they continue they are going to start killing interest in the game. Did you see the Eagles on the next series after the personal foul call earlier in the game against Gonzales. They stopped hitting for the next series of downs and more. Also what is with the Colts Helmets? Johnny U would turn over in his grave. Put back the horseshoe on the white helmet. It's much cooler and steeped in history.

Now Greg's Pats. It had to happen. Just as the analysts were arguing who has the best team in football. NE or Indianapolis. The Pats get blown out and Indy loses. Too many last quarter hang ons for the Pats over the past few weeks. But Cleveland????

Greg maybe the Giants are the best team which doesn't make me happy. Maybe Baltimore. Flacco looks real good.

Now for the desert!

Dallas. Ho Ho HO Hi HI Hi Didn't see the game. Started at 2:30 am here. But what can I say. Just so damn happy. So blessed that they lose big time.

Rocket said...

You may not like Vick but you have to admit he is good. That guy is Faaast and throws bullets

Chuck said...

I watched a Lions team that actually played quite well. Losing to the Jets in overtime.

I did see one thing though.

Stafford is a good quarterback, for all 3 games he plays a season. I like Stafford and I think he's got a good arm and good decision making ability on the field but future plans for the Lions needs to include finding a quarterback that can play an entire season.

Eric said...

Da bears ...