Monday, November 15, 2010


Colts 23 - Bengals 17

Luck and some help from Carson Palmer, who had a knack for throwing INTs. Indy didn't exactly earn anything, it was one that fell into their laps.

The receiving corps is depleted, chemistry and timing is off, and I am starting to wonder if Pierre Garcon can even catch a ball. It is not anywhere near the same team and I seriously doubt anything good will come out of this season.

We may make the playoffs by the skin of our teeth, if we are lucky. But, this isn't the year for the Horse.

Dolphins 29 - Titans 17

Moss is not going to make or break this Tennessee team. They are going to have to win as a unit. As good as they can play and as bad as they have, they still have what it takes to make it to the playoffs.

It's all up to them, the talent is there. They just have to get Young healthy, back in sync, and get the rest of their players to step up a notch.

Pats 39 - Steelers 26

I didn't see the game, but it appears that NE has rebounded well from last week's loss to Cleveland. The Colts are getting their asses kicked next week.

So what did you all see?


Greg said...

Who says the Colts are getting their ass kicked? Depends on which Patriots team shows up. I can't really put my finger on what the problem is with the Patriots, but they just aren't very consistent. I think it's an issue with the youth of the team. Still, obviously lots of fun to see my team kill the Steelers AGAIN. Pats own that team.

I also watched the Cowboys whoop Mr. Overrated in NY. Wow, Eli is such a mental midget, as evidenced by his flinging the ball to no one in particular as he was being sacked. And wow, the Cowboys are good...when they want to be.

Too bad the Browns couldn't get it done against the Jets. They had several chances to win the game and just choked. They had their Gatorade all ready but never got the chance to dump it on Mangina. BTW, Gatorade-ing the coach is something you do when you win at least a playoff game, right? C'mon Browns - act like you've been there before.

Chuck said...

So what did you all see?

I saw a Lions team take a GIANT step backwards. Defensively they were not bad but offensively they were out and out incompetent. For a decent chunk of the beginning of the game they had more penalty yards than yards on offense.

As far as the Pats, I don't think Tom Brady ever truly recovered from his knee injury. Not likely their only problem but they don't seem like they have been the same since his surgery. Even their Super Bowl loss to the Giants he seemed a step slow.

A.C. McCloud said...

As an old Modell era Browns fan, at least there's some hope now.

As to the Titans, hard to execute when the old guy pulls a groin and they have to bring in the young guy with an ankle sprain. The QB position is finding all kinds of ways to vex them still.

LASunsett said...

//Who says the Colts are getting their ass kicked? //

I have seen the Colts play. It ain't pretty.

If NE lays down in their own stadium after whipping Pittsburgh.....and Indy suddenly and miraculously becomes omnipotent. Then, they might have a chance.


I tell you, it's a MASH Unit at Colts HQ.

LASunsett said...

//Even their Super Bowl loss to the Giants he seemed a step slow.//


We don't mention that around Greg anymore. It never happened.

I just know that someday, if he ends up in an nursing home, someone is going to bring that game up and he's gonna end up on some Haldol.


LASunsett said...

//The QB position is finding all kinds of ways to vex them still.//

True. Solve that problem and it's going to get much better. Someone has to get healthy.