Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dean Accurately Describes Democratic Party Outreach To Blacks

Click on the title for an AP article reporting on Howard Dean's reasoning for the need of continued outreach toward the African-American community. Dems are losing support because blacks are starting to realize that the Dems only court them at election time.

Maybe they will also realize that part of the African-American community's complaints are due to the Democratic party's desire to keep them from realizing their full potential, for votes. The more people are poor and uneducated (in any demographic), the more the Dems can claim they champion their interests. This is also known as what the President calls "the soft bigotry of low expectations" and this is the form of bigotry that has been prevelant in the Democratic party for years.

Dean is realizing this gross error, deeply rooted in past campaigns. But it may be too late. Today, many conservative, educated, and hardworking African-Americans are switching parties. And, they are intelligent enough to see Dr. Dean as the snake-oil salesman, he is.

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